Remembering Diego Corrales One Year Later

Today marks the one year anniversary of the fatal motorcycle accident that ended Diego “Chico” Corrales’ life all too soon. Corrales by far was my favorite fighter to root for.¬† His gladiator mentality and ever present smile endeared him into the hearts of many and to this day it still seems like his death was premature.¬† It all still seems so fresh in our memories and in remembrance of one of the greatest ring practiioner’s I would like to re-run a comment I wrote for that Monday night after hearing the news: It still does not seem to be real.¬† How can it be?¬† He was supposed to be invincible.¬† No matter what hit him, both physically in the ring as well as punches thrown by life itself, Diego ‚ÄúChico‚Äù Corrales was to dust his self off and continue fighting.¬† Alas Monday night fate chose to knock Corrales down and this time the 10 count was definite.¬† The news that Corrales passed away Monday night after crashing his motorcycle into the back of a car left me in a stunned silence.¬† Boxing fans the world over are united in their thoughts and mourning of one of boxing’s true warriors. Diego Corrales was responsible for that thunderbolt moment in time when I discovered that my enjoyment of this sport hinged toward obsession.¬† It was in his destruction of rugged Angel Manfredy back in 2000 that left me in awe of the beautiful savagery that was being displayed between those ropes.¬† From that moment on I was hooked like a drug addict on the sweet science.¬†¬† ¬† Corrales is the prime example of what a prize fighter should be.¬† He was fearless warrior who gave ever ounce of his self in the ring in the vain search of glory and respect.¬† Establishing his legacy in the sport seemed to fuel him to challenge only the toughest opposition.¬† He had but one strategy within the squared circle, hit, be hit, and then hit back harder.¬† Giving up was never an option in Diego‚Äôs battles and that attitude made him a fan favorite.¬† Perhaps the most endearing aspect of Chico‚Äôs persona was that he never once took our adulation for granted.¬† Each of his bouts was a dedication to both his family and fans and boxing was made better for it.¬† Not that Corrales was without his faults, he battled personal demons throughout most of his life but in a way such vulnerability only helped strengthen his fans love for him.¬† Rest in peace Chico.¬† May you find the peace in death that was missing in life.¬†