The Poster Child For Incompetence

So by now you have probably heard the cries of outrage from Europe regarding the Danny Williams-Konstantin Airich heavyweight bout this past weekend in Spain.¬† At the center of the controversy is the ineptitude of referee Alfredo Garcia Perez.¬† After witnessing the fight I don’t think that Garcia was trying to favor Airich it just seemed that he had no clue on how to properly officiate a professional boxing match.¬† The real controversial shenanigans occur in the sixth round when someone rung the bell to end the bout at the 1:30 second mark of the round!¬† Rumors are circulating that the Airich’s promoter was the bell ringer which is a serious action that should be addressed if in fact true.¬† Also the damn near two minute rest period between rounds six and seven are cause for suspicion. Here is the fight, let us know what you think. Danny Williams vs. Konstantin Airich

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