Tomasz Adamek – Steve Cunningham Video; Fight Of The Year?

For those boxing fans without Versus — and I know too many who go without — Thursday night heralded its official arrival as a real player on the boxing scene with its broadcast of a great card headlined by the tremendous cruiserweight (200 lbs.) championship fight between Tomasz Adamek and Steve Cunningham.

Every boxing fan should lobby their satellite or cable providers to make Versus part of a basic package. Until then, I’ve attached videos after the jump of the 2008 Fight of the Year candidate, and part two begins with a great 2008 Round of the Year candidate. For our pals overseas who don’t have the option of lobbying anyone — and I’m always grateful to be of assistance to them — just enjoy the footage.

(A belated thanks to Don King Productions and Main Events for putting on a great event and credentialing me to attend.)

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