Toney – Rahman II Changed To No-Decision

According to multiple sources the California State Athletic Commission overturned the result of the July 16 James Toney-Hasim Rahman fight from a third round TKO victory for Toney to a no-decision. 
For those who missed it an accidental clash of heads opened up a gash above the left eyebrow of Rahman.  After the round Rahman complained that his vision was impaired and after the ringside physician determined that Rahman could have continued fighting the bout was ruled a TKO victory on account that Rahman quit on his stool in essence. 
Usually if a foul causes an end to a fight you go to the scorecards after four rounds have been completed.  As Toney-Rahman failed to make it to that mark many felt that the ruling should have been a no-decision as the referee for that night Ray Corona initially told the broadcasters. 
Rahman’s team is obviously pleased with the ruling as their appeal prompted the hearing on the matter.¬† The usually loquacious Toney was miffed but his promoter Dan Goosen stated that they accept the decision and will abide by the commission’s ruling.¬†

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