Tyson Speaks of Return and other Punch Drunk Ramblings

Your faithful bogger Sean (yes, I just dropped the third person) has been busy tending to the ever increasing demands of life.  With that said, let’s all get Punch Drunk! Tyson Speaks of Return; I Pray for Death In a recent interview with Greg Leon of Boxingtalk, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson floated the idea of returning to the ring for a possibility of facing Evander Holyfield. In a separate interview with Boxingtalk, Holyfield seems open to the idea of turning their controversial two bouts into a trilogy. My thoughts?  Ugh!  There should be a special task force appointed by the Association of Boxing Committee to prevent such a fight from taking place. Granted Tyson himself says he is not sure of his decision and wants to see how he feels after some months back in the gym but the fact remains this fight would only serve to further tarnish the reputation of boxing. Boxing has enjoyed a resurgence of sorts here in America following a great 2007 and all that would be for naught if this fight were to take place as all media outlets would be focused on this fight which is not a reflection of the sweet science but more of a freakshow with boxing gloves.  Tyson needs to walk off into the sunset, and while the money will never come in the truckloads he squandered, he has been fortunate to retire with his senses intact.  Holyfield is equally past his prime but would blow Tyson out in seconds.  Again, I reiterate, THIS FIGHT MUST NEVER COME TO FRUITION! My Crush on Maureen Shea This past Monday night, MTV aired an episode of its hit series Made which focused on a high school senior wanted to take up the sport of boxing.  Her coach through this experience, professional boxer Maureen Shea. For those of you who stopped watching MTV the minute they stopped playing music videos, I personally stopped the minute I was too old to audition for The Real World, the premise of Made is this, some high school or college kid decides they want to tackle an experience that is not within their normal realm, i.e. cheerleader wants to be a skater, MTV sets the kid up with a “coach” who is usually a star of said wanted experience. For the most part I really don’t follow women’s professional boxing but I have to say that I am really high on Shea.  Having seen her fight a time or two, I say she has the tools and “it” factor to make her the face of women’s boxing.  My wife seemed to take offense to my repeated gushing bursts of adulation directed at Shea which could end with me doing the “Judah Dance” after she goes upside my head.  Undaunted, but in hushed tones, I say give the masses more Shea. Best of all, boxing was showcased in a light that may actually draw some kids to the sport. Witter-Castillo Anyone? The Sheffield Star is reporting that WBC junior welterweight titlist Junior Witter has been contacted by Top Rank to inquire about a possible bout with Jose Luis Castillo. The fight would give Witter some much needed exposure to an American audience but a win over Castillo could be discounted due to the Mexican native’s perceived “shot fighter” status.  Punch Drunk Short Shots

  • I am extremely excited about ESPN’s Friday Night Fights telecast this Friday.  You have super middleweights Edison Miranda and Jean Pascal in separate bouts.  Ideally, should the both emerge victorious then a showdown between the two is a must.  For the record I favor Pascal.
  • Looks like the Paul Williams will defend his WBO welterweight strap against Carlos Quintana will take place at the Perchanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, CA on Feb. 9th.  HBO will air the bout.  Personally, I think the fight belongs in Florida given William’s southeastern roots and Quintana’s Puerto Rican heritage.
  • Look for the WBO to strip Juan Diaz of his lightweight title this week.  The WBO will likely name Katsidis their champion.
  • Seriously, has any fighter silenced their buzz quite like Sergio Mora?

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