Williams Proves Why I Am Always Right

Let this be a lesson to all you aspiring fighters out there, keep your damn hands up!  To those who just got finished watching Friday Night Fights and witnessed cruiserweight prospect Aaron Williams get his bell rung by the unheralded Jose Luis Herrera let that be the example.  I really like Williams.  Think he has tremendous upside and lightning fast hands but he totally blew this fight.  Williams had Herrera outclassed in every way imaginable and appeared to be on the verge of putting the Colombian away in the first round until the doctor inexplicably halted the action to check on Herrera.  What Williams should have done was come out firing salvos in the second round as it was unclear if Herrera had his legs back under him but for whatever reason Williams takes his foot off the gas.  And while Williams continued to dominate the fight, the fact of the matter is that you cannot let a hard hitting puncher like Herrera out stay his welcome.  Boom, Herrera lands a crushing right hand in the fifth as Williams let his hands wander south and just like that Williams is handed his first loss.  Can Williams rebound from this?  Of course but he would be wise to use this fight as reminder to never slack on the basics of defense. 

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