A Hornet’s Nest In The Boxing Writers Association Of America (BWAA) Elections?

This is total inside baseball, but I know from personal experience that a good spat between writers (especially, as it turns out, boxing writers) can be awfully juicy: What the hell is going on with the Boxing Writers Association of America elections?

Two prominent writers, Thomas Hauser and Dan Rafael, have made some acidic but vague remarks about the BWAA elections “disenfranchising” members. Hauser made his remarks to me a few weeks ago here in an interview. Dan Rafael just made his on his latest blog (subscription required):

As unseemly as the alphabet organizations are run, the Boxing Writers Association of America is almost as bad these days. I’m ashamed to be a member after the way this year’s presidential contest was rigged by disenfranchising longtime members from voting in the sham election. The BWAA election made Jose Sulaiman’s unanimous re-election as WBC president look legitimate.

Outgoing BWAA prez Bernard Fernandez had some bewildering remarks of his own a couple months back about hyper-politics at the BWAA.

If any disenfranchised members — or those allegedly responsible for disenfranchinsing members — are reading this blog entry and want to chat about it discreetly, I’m dying to know what’s happening. I’m at tstarks2@gmail.com.

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