Bradley/Campbell Changed to NC, and Other Squibs

BoxingScene reports that the California commission has overturned the result of the Nate Campbell/Tim Bradley fight, changing it to a no-contest because the cut that stopped the fight was clearly the result of an accidental headbutt. The right call to make, for sure. And a nice example of justice prevailing in a sport where it too rarely does. Meanwhile, it appears that Bradley and Campbell nearly got into a street fight after the decision, after the younger man accused his rival of quitting.

…. My home blog doesn’t actually focus on boxing, but I did write two posts recently I figured I’d throw links to. First, a preview of the upcoming Yuri Foreman/Daniel Santos title bout at 154 lbs. (short version — Foreman’s gonna get spanked), and second, an account of why Cuba won’t be fielding a women’s boxing team at the 2012 Olympics (because they’re sexist).

…. Sakio Bika was rumored to be the next opponent for super middleweight titlist Karoly Balzsay, but after the latter lost in an upset to Robert Stieglitz, could we see Bika/Stieglitz instead? I can’t help but think that would represent a huge opportunity for Bika to win a title — Bika has improved dramatically since his last loss (to Lucien Bute) and is if anything a more polished version of Librado Andrade, who ripped Stieglitz apart a few fights back. Anything that gives Bika a high profile fight makes me happy, though.

…. Relatedly, I’ll diss Allan Green for ducking Bika and instead fighting the exposed Victor Oganov.

…. I think Tavoris Cloud can take Clinton Woods. Cloud’s a serious talent, and Woods is on the decline of his career. I also think that Juan Urango knocks out Randall Bailey. Both of them got pop, but only one of them got chin.

…. I feel like I must be the only person who isn’t that that excited for Vitali Klitschko/Chris Arreola. Yes, Arreola is a slugger who hits very hard. But unlike his brother, Vitali’s chin has never been questioned. And lest we forget, Dr. Iron Fist also hits very hard, and Arreola’s chin has most certainly been questioned. I think we’re in for a surprisingly easy knockout for the elder Klitschko brother.

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