Can You Funnel The 40oz Back Up From The Curb, Sean? A Solo Boxeo Replacement Is In The Works

I’ll have more to say about this particularly meaty Dan Rafael notebook shortly, but the main thing is that it looks like Telefutura’s Solo Boxeo is well on its way to being replaced by some boxing programming over at Azteca America. Since Sean recently poured a 40 ounce on the curb to lament Solo Boxeo’s death… I just hate to see all that alcohol wasted.

One concern, besides the fact that I won’t be able to see any of the shows since Azteca America isn’t part of my television subscription: The exclusive deal with Top Rank. Top Rank has a heckuva lot of great Hispanic fighters. One of the fights on the schedule for 2009, a showdown between featherweights (126 lbs.) Jorge Solis and Monty Meza-Clay, sounds like serious fun. But we all know how the exclusive Top Rank/Versus agreement worked out. I wonder if we’ll end up with a Hispanic version of Tye Fields…

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