Diverting Entertainment In The Form Of “The Worst Boxer Ever”

H/t to The Sporting Blog on this one, which they wrote up Friday and I just saw today, and which has been circulating in the general sports blog world but not so much the boxing-specific sites.

As an aficionado of funny boxing videos, this one more than hits the spot. I recommend the write-up by TSB’s Spencer Hall, but here are a couple of my own observations:

–The guy in the video isn’t the worst boxer ever, by record; that’s probably Peter Buckley. But suffice it to say, the way he practices the craft, he’s a contender for the title by other metrics.
–I’ve seen some sloppy mothas fed to young prospects on ESPN2 and the like, but this guy’s brand of sloppiness is particularly amusing. And I don’t like it when comedians laugh at their own jokes (I’m talking to you, Jimmy Fallon), but the comedy of this clip is enhanced by professional commentators and even the guy’s opponents giggling. 

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