Meta Notes: Read TQBR At, The Ring

While I was completing the transition to the new site, where it took me a while to figure everything out, I needed an outlet to write something, and so I pitched a piece to the rock-solid Michael Woods at one of my favorite boxing websites,

I talked to Bert Sugar, Al Bernstein, Cliff Rold and Mike Silver about where they would place Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather on the list of all-time greats. I did it because every fan of each respective man thinks he’s the best boxer ever, and I wanted to see what the historians thought. I encourage you to check it out here.

By coincidence, my second piece for The Ring should be hitting the stands any day now. It’s a profile of the highly entertaining bantamweight prospect, Chris Avalos. The cover is the one at the right: It’s the January 2010 issue.

The holiday and a few other events have conspired to reduce the pace of posting around here, but we’ll be posting more next week than you could even ever want. In the meantime, I hope everybody had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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