Meta-Queensberry Rules: Nine Elite Fighters Who Deserve Better, At; Officially Announcing Sean’s Departure

I write pieces every now and then for The Sweet Science, a very good boxing website, and they recently published another work of mine:

TSS’ Top 9 Unjustly Unloved

Stop by and check it out. Some of it actually sprung from some recent discussions we’ve had here, about Juan Manuel Marquez, Glen Johnson, Nonito Donaire and a few other chaps who really are under-appreciated, hard luck figures. One of the things I like about doing this blog is that we have some thought-provoking discussions, so thanks to those of you who helped provoke this particular thought in me.

In news that isn’t as good, I can tell you officially what should be fairly obvious by this point, which is that Sean Malone has stopped writing for The Queensberry Rules.

Sean was a great colleague and it’s too bad he’s left. But his departure is totally understandable. As he explained:

Man, I really hate to leave QBR but my time is being pulled in a variety of ways.  Not to mention some side projects I’m working including North Texas Fisticuffs, and a new magazine here in Texas chronicling the boxing/MMA scene here in the Lone Star State.

Not that I didn’t enjoy blogging with QBR, but with so much to do and so little time, finding time to create posts was proving difficult.

It’s true. Sean’s a busy man, and he didn’t even mention he still contributes at and so forth. I’m sad he’s gone, but you can keep following him in all the places he mentioned — what he’s doing by working on a locally-focused blog is something I’d LOVE to see pop up in every state. And the door, he well knows, remains open here.

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