Open Thread, Unconventional Definition Of “Boxing Movie” Edition

The Madness. Oh, The Madness. Speak what’s on your mind, people, boxing-related or no.


Although I’d like it if you took a moment to address these brief items of business:

1. Talk about what you thought of “Irish Thunder,” this month’s book club book.

2. Select from these options for next month’s book club book: “On Boxing,” by Joyce Carol Oates; “The Devil And Sonny Liston,” by Nick Tosches; “The Black Lights,” by Thomas Hauser. To be decided toward the end of theis Open Thread’s life and discussed in next month’s Open Thread.

3. Pick amongst the following movie club movies, as we need a movie for our first movie club movie: “Fat City,” “The Harder They Fall,” “The Hurricane” or “Teen Wolf Too.” I’m just kidding on “Teen Wolf Too.” Do not vote for it. But it’s the same deal as movie club, decision-and-discussionwise.

I’ll join y’all with my answers later. I don’t want to bias the voting. And now, your random musical accompaniment. I think the visuals of the clip are insanity-inducing enough to be a nice soundtrack to The Madness:



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