Open Thread, Manny Pacquiao + Bill Clinton Edition


It’s just a conversation starter. You gotta admit, it’s a decent conversation starter. I love how absolutely THRILLED Manny Pacquiao looks. Is Manny, who met Bill Clinton this week — yes, it’s a real picture, provided by a publicist — gonna sock ‘im in this photo, though? Also, if I know you guys very well, once the conversation starts, I’ll have to duck out of it on the ol’ “I can’t say anything crazy about politicians because of my day job” excuse.

Anyway: Everything on your mind, just say it in this here Open Thread. Let’s not limit it to one thing. The more things we discuss, the fewer things I have to write in my Quick Jabs column tomorrow. I might have to duck out for a couple hours, but we’ll keep the thread open all night long. GO.

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