Open Thread: Return Of The Madness Edition

griswoldswave.jpgHiya, team. I’m back from Spain, where the cab drivers don’t know who Sergio Martinez is and where nothing went quite like it was supposed to. I missed the entirety of the tomato fight, for instance, not because several of my pals bailed out on going to it from Barcelona after committing months ago; I decided to travel there alone the day of the tomato throwing, despite how pitiful an idea that seemed. But the Internet time estimates of travel, and the Internet time estimates of how long the actual tomato-throwing parts of the day lasted, proved woefully inaccurate. So I spent 10 hours on trains Wednesday by myself for no reason, because when I got there, it was all over. My trip put the Griswolds (pictured, left) to shame for any number of other reasons, too. Postponed flights. Stolen goods. I even got punched by an insane woman wandering the streets.

I did realize how much boxing had consumed my life when it occurred to me that I was scoring my friends on the trip like boxing rounds — at every second of every round, I was roughly asking, “Who’s winning?” at being a pal. Some of my travelmates put a few rounds in the bank. Some? They were a bit more like Antonio Margarito against Shane Mosley.
So, some business:
  • Thanks to David, Scott and Rich for their guest posts while I was gone. Thanks to everyone who commented on my pre-written posts throughout the week. We had a late-comer on the “guest post” tip, so we might have one more guest post this week just for the hell of it.
  • I’ll have a big catch-all Quick Jabs column tomorrow just to catch up on everything that happened in boxing while I was gone. But don’t let that stop you from asking about/talking about everything and anything over the last week and a half.
  • In fact, don’t limit your subject matter to boxing at all. I feel bad for kind of squashing “the madness” a couple open threads back, so let’s just let it all hang out, shall we?
  • It’s time to see about reigniting the book club idea, with Coltaine healthy again and with the book “Hands of Stone” out in paperback this week, I believe. I’ve finished the copy JPF let me borrow, so if anyone wants me to mail that to ’em instead of buying their own copies, it’s first come, first serve.
And… GO.

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