Open Thread, Super Middleweight Tournament Edition

Greetings. Welcome to the open thread, where any discussion topics, preferably but not necessarily ones with a boxing focus, are yours for the taking. (h/t Steve for reminding me, and my apologies for not doing it closer to the first of the month.)

A few quick agenda items:
1. It strikes me that the biggest topic we haven’t explored much here is Showtime’s proposed super middleweight tournament. I have my own thoughts on it, but I’d rather hear from y’all. So, that’s my proposed starter dough.
2. I’ll be doing a preview and prediction later this week of the (figuratively) big Vic Darchinyan-Joseph Agbeko bantamweight clash scheduled for Saturday on the aforementioned Showtime, so you might want to save your thoughts on that for later.
3. Because I put it up it at an absurd hour, you may have overlooked my Fight Night Round 4 review just below this post. I offer this merely as a reminder.
4. Coltaine, I believe, has an interesting proposal for us all. We won’t close the thread until we hear from him. And CJD — the mad genius behind the open thread concept, and a real gentleman for the foiled ticket giveaway plot he (and Steve) once hatched — may or may not have something up his sleeve…?

Now. Go.

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