Open Thread: Win A Manny Pacquiao Bobblehead Doll! Edition

Like a special edition of ShoBox, this special edition of the Open Thread features a contest where you can win some sweet prizes.

As a reminder, here’s the deal and rules:
  • Come up with a design for a t-shirt for this website. It must say “The Queensberry Rules” somewhere on it, but otherwise it’s all up to you. It may become the official t-shirt of the site.
  • Post a link to it in the comments section, or else send it to me via I’ll repost any entries that I receive by e-mail after the “read more” jump. No nasty comments about other people’s designs allowed.
  • The one I like best will win the following prizes: 1. A Manny Pacquiao bobblehead doll from the San Francisco Giants giveaway. 2. A $25 gift certificate for 3. A poster of Muhammad Ali’s famous pose over Sonny Liston. Adds up to about $75 worth of free stuff.
  • Check back at the end of the day to see who won. The winner will need to provide me his or her address.
It’s that easy. Now, get going! You have until midnight EST. Extra special thanks to Steve for the gear, as well as a side of thanks to philosophical godfather CrazyJoeDavola.
(Also, since this is an open thread, feel free to discuss anything else you wanna in the comments section below. And I’ve decided to officially postpone this month’s book club because hardly anybody has finished the book we liked best, “Hands of Stone.” Rescheduling info to come later.)
UPDATE: Designs have started to roll in. Click “more” below to see entries.
2ND UPDATE: The contest is CLOSED. We have a winner, and it’s Kevin. I’ve posted one late entry, though, because it’s good.

tqbr 1.jpg
rahman tqbr.jpg
tqbr 4.jpg

No Crying – Not Ever

Unless you receive a punch in the nuts


Be a Man – Be a Boxer

The Queensberry Rules

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(Irvin Ryan)
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(“Jackson Pollack”)

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