Roy Jones, Jr – Danny Green Results

Alex McClintock gives us the results from Australia. Click on “read more” for his take. Again, please only leave comments on this entry about Jones-Green until the fight airs in America this evening.


Roy Jones Junior’s career as a serious professional boxer is effectively over tonight after being knocked out in two minutes by Australia’s Danny Green. The American ate a right hand halfway through the first round, collapsing in a heap in the corner of the ring. After a standing eight-count, he was trapped against the ropes and pummelled by Green. With Jones wobbly and seemingly unable or unwilling to defend himself, the referee waved the fight off with a minute left in the first.

As predicted (and probably the only accurate prediction made in my last blog), Green entered the ring to I Come From a Land Down Under. Jones came in to Rhianna’s verse from Jay Z’s Run This Town and looked very unimpressed while waiting for Green and listening to Men at Work.

The first minute and a half seemed like the first minute and a half you’d expect. Green came forward and Jones backed up, popping his powerful jab, snapping Green’s head back. But before you knew it, Jones had been backed into the corner of the ring and was down like a sack of potatoes.

The knockdown punch was a straight right that didn’t seem to land totally flush. Looking at the replay, it must have landed on Jones’ temple. Maybe age and wear and tear have completely robbed the 41 year old of his chin.

After the count, Green closed in and kept Jones on the ropes. Jones wasn’t punching back and was eating punches, so the referee rightly stepped in and ended the fight. Jones might be a great defensive fighter but his defensive skill was always in the avoiding of punches, not blocking them. He looked helpless trapped against the ropes with his hands held high, just like he did against Calzaghe.

While Green celebrated and the crowd went wild, Jones looked stunned. I’m not sure if he fully grasped what had happened. That’s not to say that he was hurt really badly (though he was bleeding from the mouth). He just hadn’t got his head around losing in such a shocking way. Shit, I hadn’t got my head around it.

The crowd was going apeshit, but Green’s acceptance speech was gracious and humble. He said that it actually felt bad to do that to a legend of the sport. I don’t think he has anything to feel bad about. Jones was still considered to be a dangerous, top 10 fighter at light heavyweight. Most people thought this fight wouldn’t be competitive, but in reverse.

Where to for Jones? His fight with Bernard Hopkins is now unlikely to happen. He can probably still make money hanging around fighting no hopers (but they’re going to have to be some serious no hopers). Obviously, his best option is to retire. It would be silly to continue to risk his health and tarnish his legacy by fighting on. With no obvious financial problems (ala Evander Holyfield), there is no serious reason why he should continue in the fight game.

Green will become a bona fide superstar in Australia. Already a household name, he’ll be the most popular boxer in Australian history (shortlist: Jeff Fenech, Joe Bugner, Anthony Mundine, Kostya Tszyu, Les Darcy).  He’ll probably also be in consideration for Ring rating at cruiserweight, having knocked off the number five light heavy. Next move? Green could move down in weight for a rematch with Anthony Mundine in 2010, which would make huge money in Australia. He seems comfortable at heavier weights though, and may choose to continue to campaign there.

Apart from Green, the biggest winner from the tonight’s shock result is Australian boxing. The fight will get enormous coverage in the MSM, which will probably lead to more interest in boxing in general. Australia is going crazy tonight.

Wow. Just wow.


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