Thanks, Queensberry Rules Hyperlinkers

Crikey. Today, The Wall Street Journal today linked to and posted excerpts from a blog post by The Queensberry Rules and I totally missed it somehow. I’m usually such an egomaniac I definitely notice this kind of thing. Cory Humes, one of the benevolent kingpins here at the MVN family, informs me that the column in question rarely-if-ever links to blogs or features them so prominently, placement usually reserved for writers for traditional news outlets. I’m honored.

I also thank The Wall Street Journal for the attention. But there are a great many other TQBR hyperlinkers I need to give some appreciation to:

  • Jack Kogod AKA Unsilent Majority AKA a dude who blogs for every major, quality, well-known sports blog in the whole wide universe. He paid a nice compliment to TQBR over at Deadspin Saturday, my personal favorite sports blog, and not just because they link to us fairly often. Those kids are just plain clever.
  • The site gave us some “Best of MVNlaurels, and they do that from time to time, but I never think to express my gratitude. If you love sports besides boxing, check out all the other great sports sites we have here at Most Valuable Network.
  • A number of outlets in the Philippines gave us love, some of which do so regularly and some of which are new to said love. I cracked the ABS-CBN News rundown of what people were saying after pound-for-pound boss Manny Pacquiao’s big win this weekend, and I don’t recall them having linked to me before. As always, “The Kiss of Pacland,” i.e. a link from, is good for a great many hits and a little poisonous comment invective, but it spices things up around here, so I gladly accept its passionate embrace, and I’ve never before expressed my thanks.
  • While I’m on the subject of links in general, you’ll notice if you check out the Links tab above that we’ve added PhilBoxing to the new link mix, because it’s a great source of pugilism information in a country that, in boxing, just keeps showing “more power” — the Philippines. We’ve also added a couple boxing-related blog links, Boxing Watchers and Fire Quinito, and I don’t do link exchanges unless I like a site, so check them out. And I’ve put Irvin Ryan in our “Friends” category, as I have with another regular visitor or two. If you stop by with much frequency, and you have a blog of your own, don’t hesitate to ask me to drop you a link. It’s the least I can do. Unless it’s a porn-related blog. That, I cannot do.
  • And, lastly, a big thanks to everyone on Twitter who keeps Retweeting me or giving me some Follow Friday nods. I can’t link to all of them who have done so, but our little Twitter fiefdom is growing rapidly because of their assistance.

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