Video Highlights Of Giovanni Segura – Cesar Canchila II, A Wild Brawl With A Bizarre Ending

You have to love fights like this when both guys decide they are NOT going to duck, and transparently think to themselves, “Screw it, all I care about tonight is dealing out pain.” It was the wrong fight for the better boxer, Cesar Canchila, and the junior flyweight paid for it when Giovanni Segura scored the knockout in a fight that, as one-sided as it was on the cards, exacted a price on the swollen Segura, too. It’s a Fight of the Year honorable mention, probably, assuming the highlights capture the bout’s gist.

What you can’t possibly love is the way the referee, Julio Alvarado, let things end. The bell rang with Canchila with his bell rung, but when the ref didn’t step in, Segura pounced. The bell rang again, and Segura didn’t stop, and the ref didn’t stop him. It took a third ringing of the bell before the ref stepped in, and then he stopped it. Word is that Canchila’s corner didn’t protest too much, but Alvarado clearly mishandled the end of the round. I’m sure the fact that Segura was from Mexico had NOTHING to do with it. Another rematch sounds right to me.

All the time, I wish I had Azteca America in my television lineup.

(Oh, and Javier Capetillo, disgraced trainer of disgraced welterweight Antonio Margarito, worked Segura’s corner since the fight was in Mexico, which never honors U.S. suspensions. I’m going to go ahead and assume that there was no hand wrap funny business this time, because any trainer worth his salt is going to closely monitor the hand wraps of any Capetillo fighter from here on out.)

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