Video Of Antonio Pitalua Scoring A Knockout Worthy Of Runner Up For KO Of The Year; Video Of The Illegal Bernabe Concepcion Punch

Over on Telmundo Friday night, lightweight Antonio Pitalua put together a 1-2 on Jose Reyes’ jaw that, in any year where Manny Pacquiao hadn’t delivered perhaps the Knockout of the Decade against then-junior welterweight champion Ricky Hatton, might be a leading candidate for Knockout of the Year.
Reyes was something of a journeyman, but as tough as they come, and he’d never been knocked out. Pitalua may have been scorched by Edwin Valero in his previous fight, but when a guy can punch like this, he’s still a force in the division. Reyes went down hard, and stayed down. What a KO.
Meanwhile, if you didn’t catch Saturday’s Pinoy Power 2 card, you can see what happened at the end of the Steve Luevano-Bernabe Concepcion featherweight bout after the jump. I know Freddie Roach said Concepcion’s blow wasn’t intentional, but I don’t know how he could have missed the 10-second mark or the bell. Referee Jay Nady indeed didn’t get in on time, it’s true, but the bulk of the blame rightly goes on Concepcion here. And I don’t think Luevano was faking it, like some do. If there was a candidate for Illegal Knockout of the Year, this one would be atop the leader board.

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