Video Of Randall Bailey Drilling Francisco Figueroa, Giving Us Yet Another KO Of The Year Candidate

What was I just saying about posting a video every week these days of some Knockout of the Year candidate or Fight of the Year candidate? Yeah, add another to the KO column from ESPN2’s “Friday Night Fights.”

Franky, Franky, Franky. You knew Randall Bailey was a one-handed fighter. “Bailey’s a big banger who uses a single punch – right hand – to stop most of his opponents,” Figueroa said in a March 31 news release about his fellow junior welterweight. “I’m not worried about what he’s bringing, more about what adjustments will be made during the fight. The key is figuring out your opponent and making the key adjustments to win. I’m very confident. I love to fight and this is what I do – fight! Figuring out a fighter and making adjustments in the mix is like playing chess. Both fighters come into the fight with a game plan but adjustments have to be made during the fight. I have to put him into a checkmate position to win the fight and reach my goal of winning a world title.”

Shouldn’t have been moving to your left, buddy. That’s bad chess. Made you the SportsCenter top play of the day — #1. Glad you’re OK, though. (If you want to hear the live call of the knockout, go here.)

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