Video Of The “Rip-Roaring” Bernard Dunne – Richard Cordoba Fight

It seems like every week these days I’m putting up some Fight of the Year or Knockout of the Year candidate, and this week’s clip comes all the way from Ireland Saturday night.

Six knockdowns. Three cuts. Swings in momentum. Both men somehow fighting through tremendous punishment. More than 9,000 screaming, chanting fans. A dramatic stoppage by the underdog who was probably down on the cards. Medical attention for each party, with the hospitalized opponent watched after bedside by the less damaged but oxygen- and hydration-deprived boxer. (Don’t worry. It was apparently all precautionary.)

I confess I had not seen either junior featherweight — Bernard Dunne, the victor, or Richard Cordoba, only the loser in the strictest sense — before. But I won’t miss their next fights.

The rest of the bout is after the jump. It really starts heating up around the 3rd, and never lets up from there.

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