A Strange Ending To A Boxing Match That Rivals All Of 2010’s Many Strange Endings

This year, we’ve seen a fight end because junior middleweight Kermit Cintron catapulted out of the ring; we saw a fight end two different times after referee Arthur Mercante, Jr. forced junior middleweight Yuri Foreman to fight on with a torn meniscus in his knee; and we saw a fight end where cruiserweight Paul Briggs crumpled in a heap from a mere glancing jab, prompting allegations of Briggs taking a dive followed by troubling reports that Briggs wasn’t healthy enough to fight one iota. Don’t forget this one and this one and this one and this one and this one, either.

2010 has been a small year in many ways for the sport, but when it comes to weird endings to boxing matches, it’s come up way big.

I’m not sure if what happened on the undercard of Tomasz Adamek’s heavyweight bout with Michael Grant — when borderline junior welterweight prospect Jeremy Bryan got a 1st round stoppage win over Daniel Mitchell — tops them all. But it sure doesn’t look right. It appears as though Mitchell fakes an injury, then forgets which injury he faked. If you didn’t buy the card, check out the video above, via BoxingChaos.

Below, a gallery of some of the rest of 2010’s funkiest endings, in no particular order. As always, videos stay up as long as YouTube lets them stay up. If I left some major ones out, lemme know.

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