BenOlson Wins TQBR Prediction Game 3.0

The TQBR Prediction Game Hall of Champions has a new enshrinee today, alongside historical fantastical immortals of the past like Spidershark, Pretty Toney, mig(g)s88 and David Schraub: BenOlson, also known as Ben Olson, has emerged victorious in 3.0.

For most of 3.0, the game was all bunched up, where only accuracy separated anyone at all. You can trace the moment of BenOlson’s ascension to his call of Dmitry Pirog in an upset of Daniel Jacobs two weekends ago, which gave him an extra 700 points nobody else had. All he had to do was correctly pick the victors in Saturday’s two fights — Devon Alexander over Andriy Kotelnik, Tavoris Cloud over Glen Johnson — and he would be king. That’s what he did. Now he’s the king.

Words can’t accurately convey how awesome BenOlson is right now. So here’s a picture (from here) to symbolize it.

I’m not comparing the rest of us to Nazis, by the way. And statistical analysis of last weekend’s fight for the rest of us is somewhat irrelevant right now — several people wisely made picks they didn’t believe in for the purposes of trying to secure a victory. The gamble almost paid off, even for the people who picked Kotelnik.

So that wraps it up for 3.0. Thanks for playing, everyone. Gird thy loins for 4.0, which begins THIS WEEK with Chad Dawson-Jean Pascal. Your slate is clean. Go forth and become an immortal. Or join in fresh if you haven’t played before. And start thinking about those new team nicknames, if you want a new one.

Your final standings are below. If you see a tabulation error, let me know so I can adjudicate, even if it’s only for honor’s sake.


BenOlson 6700

nazarioz 6350

KO Onan (Tim Starks) 6350

David Schraub 6350

Arthur Billette 6200

Frankie Topanga (ScottB) 6050

cardscott5 6050

the legend 5900

Geordie Dancer (Andrew Harrison) 5750

DukeShadeBlue 5700

Pew Pew Pew PJ 5700

Da Legend Killa (cNcEDDIE) 5600

JB 5600

team individuality 5600

Not Sure (Jay Ari Yin) 5550

Bigmaxy 5500

Sad Keanu (ALEXMAC) 5400

johnkzoo 5200

The Fire In The Flint (Apemantus) 5110

Mean Eugene (Eugene Dammrod) 5000

Hit Dog 4950

Eu-ro-pe, Eu-ro-pe! (Dobbler) 4800

Unifythebelts 4650

ShortFuse (rowyn) 4400

Drederick Tatum (Scott Kraus) 4400

Team Judge Smails (willfrank) 4350

Stickfigure 4250

miggs88 3850

Team Vuvuzela (edub) 3800

Morelandj 3750

cguenard 3550

Da Weasel (FunkyBadger) 3150

Grillmaster (indiebass) 2800

Queensberry Wench 2700

Paul Kelly 2300

Basque Country 600

The Royal Marcus 600

beccapooka 600

Malignant Narcissism (Eric Naff) 600

Burbank Baker 550

PI Joe (Irvin Ryan) 500

sam.fong 500

fadein2bolivian 0

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Tim is the founder of The Queensberry Rules and co-founder of The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board ( He lives in Washington, D.C. He has written for the Guardian, Economist, New Republic, Chicago Tribune and more.