How To Use TQBR

It’s only a boxing blog, but The Queensberry Rules offers much to navigate. From time to time, we get questions about how to do this or that. Here are the answers. (This post will be updated periodically.)

Main page. The heart of TQBR — abbreviated thusly because of its Twitter handle — is the middle column of posts on the main page, but there are some sidebars you should get acquainted with, if you haven’t yet. Two modules on the right are intended to make it so you don’t have to visit any other boxing website in the event you don’t wanna. “TQBR on Twitter” is where I post quick updates on news developments that I don’t have time to write a full post about at that moment. The “Boxing News Feed” is an unfiltered, automated list of top news headlines, with links to those stories. Both are worth examining every time you visit the site.

Most of the rest of the main page (“Pound-For-Pound,” “Recent Posts,” etc.) is self-explanatory, as are the other pages (“Boxing Basics Tutorial,” “Archives,” etc.) in the menu bar underneath the banner.

Comments. Our comments section is one of the site’s best features, because our regular readers are an insightful and often humorous lot. Once upon a time, every comment was accepted, but I found that remarks of a racist or homophobic nature turned off many readers, and I’ve begun to delete them and ban those users who make them. Repeated abusive remarks also can result in a ban. Not to be a dick about it, but if that bothers you, it’s your problem, not mine. As the owner of this site, I want to encourage free exchange of ideas, but I’m entitled to remove comments and commenters who exclusively contribute negativity.

If you want to have a picture attached to your comments, go to this website, Gravatar, and follow the directions for doing so. A new commenting system added in May, 2010 allows readers to comment in reply to specific comments. For more commenting privileges and to ensure maximum reliability of comments getting posted successfully, register for an account.

Contributions. If you have any ideas for good blog posts at TQBR, by all means, propose them to me. Numerous TQBR readers have become TQBR writers. At this juncture I cannot pay you for your submissions (although I want to rectify that at some point in the future), but posts here sometimes generate tens of thousands of visitors, so it’s a nice way to get heard. If you propose an idea that I accept and you later decide you can’t do it, no problem — don’t feel guilty and hide for fear of me yelling at you. My only request is that when you say you’ll get something to me by a specific date, do so.

There’s an app for that. TQBR has a fairly basic app for smart phones. But it’s wildly popular! Wildly! You can read more about that here. It would indeed be great if one could use the app to leave comments, but that has proven more difficult in reality than in theory. It’s still a goal.

TQBR Prediction Game. There are no stakes to it besides glory, but some people enjoy the fight prediction competition we have at the site that renews every couple months or so. If you want to play, read about how here.

Technical problems? For any problem you have with the site, please contact me at and I’ll do everything I can to get it fixed.

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