Meta Notes: Read TQBR At Bookforum, Plus Check Out The Complete Archives

I got invited to do a “Syllabus” at Bookforum, the literary review magazine, so naturally I leaped at the opportunity. The idea was to do a list of essential boxing books. You can read it here (free registration required). In addition, there’s a review at the site and in the print edition by Katherine Dunn of the new Sugar Ray Robinson biography, “Sweet Thunder: The Life And Times Of Sugar Ray Robinson,” and I intend to check out that book soon.

Also, as the archives of this site were broken for almost all of 2009 when I was at MVN, and because they required some serious clean-up and organizing when I moved over to Bloguin, those haven’t been working in full until the last week or so. If you hover over the word “Archives” in the menu bar, you’ll see you can go all the way back to the earliest iterations of this blog in 2006. You also can search the entire archives for keywords in the “Search TQBR” function at the left, if you want to find out, say, which curse words I’ve used the most.

You’ll find that if you go back more than a year, the text of most entries is all crammed together, and I apologize for that, but I don’t have the time or willpower to go back and insert paragraph breaks. I wasn’t at any iteration of it until late 2007, but I still was proud to discover the blog is coming up on post #1,000. It honestly doesn’t feel like that anywhere near that many, even taking into account the contributions of others. You all have made it pretty fun and fresh.

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