Open Thread, Adobe Slats Edition

Welcome to March’s Open Thread. We got the music choice out of the way (I don’t care if you think I’m pretentious for liking Animal Collective; I like that freaking song) and now here’s some grist for freewheeling discussion.

  1. Looking back over the past weekend(ish), we had several young and immensely physically talented boxers — junior welterweights Victor Ortiz and Kendall Holt, as well as junior featherweight Marvin Sonsona — who have some recovering to do from losses. Ortiz’ was last year, and he’s had two wins since, but there have been some mighty divergent opinions on whether he looked good or bad stomping down Hector Alatorre on Thursday. Holt and Sonsona suffered their losses this past weekend, Holt’s baffling and Sonsona’s somewhat expected. Obviously all the circumstances are somewhat different, and I won’t spend a bunch of time revisiting them. But my question is: When do YOU give up on a fighter? Have you given up on these three? Why, or why not?
  2. This weekend commences a really nice stretch of boxing from March to June, where almost every weekend offers some excellent card. Look over this schedule (which leaves out the expected Miguel Cotto-Yuri Foreman junior middleweight clash in early June). Which fights are you looking forward to the most? Rank ’em, if you want, or pick out a little gem you think people may not notice.

As always, your OWN introduction of topics are where the real fun is. So hit me, and I’ll hit you back periodically throughout the evening.

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