Open Thread, Overrated/Underrated Edition

Welcome to July’s Open Thread, late though it is. As usual, the idea is for you to make things happen, but I’ll get us started: Who’s underrated, and who’s overrated, in boxing these days? Discuss. You can go with boxers or commentators or writers or promoters or networks or whatever. Then, for funsies, let us know who or what you think is overrated/underrated in life. Because Open Thread doesn’t just have to be about boxing. Then, for double-funsies, suggest your own topics.

Your computer isn’t broken, and the live sound isn’t poorly recorded — this month’s music pick, Sleigh Bells, sounds that way. Tip o’ the pen to friend of the site Patrick. Not only did he give me a new band to like, but he gave me a new crush. Alexis Krauss, please come to my apartment and dance around like that, much appreciated.

P.S. Tomorrrow and the rest of the week we’ll resume predictions and previews and what not, including an entry for the long-dormant TQBR Prediction Game 3.0.

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