Open Thread, Up All Night Sleep All Day Edition

We begin the Open Thread earlier in the day this month, so as to allow maximum participation for our overseas friends and for those who otherwise tend not to see the Open Thread until it’s just about wound down. And the Open Thread comes even though y’all haven’t been too chatty the last week or so. But things were slow. Now they’re not. Maybe you wanna get something off your chest now. (And I advise you check out yesterday’s posts, at least, if you haven’t yet.)

Some programming notes, before we get hoppin’:

First, I’m traveling to NYC this week for Miguel Cotto-Yuri Foreman and the Boxing Writers Association of America dinner. I’ll have full reports on both, including a Saturday night live blog for the HBO doubleheader, Internet availability permitting. I chose to seek a credential for this event for a few reasons: I’m a big Cotto fan and wanted to see him in person; there’s the strange fact that it’s being held at Yankee Stadium; the Cotto-Foreman fight is intriguing, but so is the Vanes Martirosyan-Joe Greene fight, and the untelevised Pawel Wolak-James Moore fight could be a fun if not particularly significant brawl — adding up to the rare Top Rank card where there are three quality bouts (all at junior middleweight, btw); I figured attending the BWAA awards could be fun; and East Coast fights are easier for me to get to from D.C.

Second, TQBR Prediction Game 2.0 concludes this week. We’ll do the HBO double-header, and to make up for the draw in Abner Mares-Yonnhy Perez, we’ll throw in Steve Cunningham-Troy Ross, too. Be on the lookout for those preview and prediction entries later this week.

On to the hoppin’:

As always, I’m more interested in your questions/discussion topics than mine, but howsabout some spleen-venting? My question is: What, more than anything, is ticking you off in boxing these days? Maybe it’s a person, maybe it’s a trend. Hit us. Then, bring up some stuff YOU want to discuss.

In honor of having seen Hot Tub Time Machine for the second time this weekend, I give you for this month’s music selection a little bit of Crue:

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