Paul Kelly Wins TQBR Prediction Game 4.0

The TQBR Prediction Game Hall of Champions rivals, as an organization, the Baseball Hall of Fame or, at least, the Pinball Hall of Fame. And on this day, another great champion is enshrined in its pillared, jewel-encrusted halls: Paul Kelly. His bust will sit beneath a spotlight side-by-side with those of Spidershark, Pretty Toney, miggs88, David Schraub and BenOlson.

In a tribute to Paul Kelly’s day job, I would encourage you to attend the Indianapolis 500 next year. I’ve attended, and it’s quite an adrenaline rush. In the meantime, there are other fine events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

(PK, middle, winner of the TQBR Prediction Game 4.0 race.)

Typical of his excellent 4.0-long showing, PK busted out a perfect prediction by calling an 8th round knockout for Juan Manuel Lopez over Rafael Marquez. He wasn’t alone: So did Team Tommy Westphal’s Mind aka willfrank and Team Million Dollar Dream aka Scott Kraus. The other main perfect showing was that of Irvin Ryan, who called an 8th round knockout for Glen Johnson over Allan Green.

Not quite as impressive were the close-enough calls of the seven of us who saw Zab Judah winning a decision over Lucas Matthysse, although every one of the seven of us had it unanimous and it was split. We all got the extra bonus for closest pick. There were no upsets on Saturday, but the most popular upset pick was Green: 14 went for him, including Road Warrior aka Hit Dog, whose team shared a nickname with Johnson himself. Miggs 88 was in second place going into the weekend, and he went bold with an all-upset slate of Marquez, Green, Matthysse and Vicente Escobedo over Robert Guerrero.

Everyone congratulate PK on his victory for 4.0. Then, gird your loins and ready your team names for 5.0, which takes us through to the end of 2010 and begins next weekend with Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito.

Until then, hear are your final 4.0 standings. As always, notify me of any tabulation errors and we’ll adjudicate:


Paul Kelly: 6350

the legend: 5150

Team Tommy Westphal’s Mind (willfrank): 4950

Arthur Billette: 4950

The Ghost With The Hammer In His Hand (Tim Starks): 4950

Trainwreck (nazarioz): 4900

cardscott5: 4800

Basque Country: 4750

Sure Shot Sabotage (Dobbler): 4750

The Road Warrior (Hit Dog): 4550

Team Ivan Drago (edub): 4450

Team Death Shift (ALEXMAC): 4300

David Schraub: 4300

Bigmaxy: 4250

Pretty Toney: 4250

Miggs 88: 4000

Not Sure (Jay Ari Yin): 3800

stickfigure: 3850

Unifythebelts: 3850

Team Million Dollar Dream (Scott Kraus): 3750

Team Iron Psych (PJ): 3700

ShortFuse (RoWyN): 3700

The Flying Kermits (cNcEDDIE): 3650

beccapooka: 3300

Pale Fire (Apemantus): 3250

baron: 3250

IrvinRyan: 3250

Team Count of Monte Fisto (cguenard): 2750

DukeShadeBlue: 2550

JB: 2300

Neon Leon’s Two Front Teeth (Andrew Harrison): 2300

Quensburry Wench: 1750

Da Weasel: (FunkyBadger): 1700

Johnkzoo: 1550

Very sure: (sam uy) 1150

morelandj: 1050

memzie: 1050

Manila Ice: 1000

Violent Demise: 650

Duan: 650

JasonTO: 600

Beard of Zeus (Eugene Dammrod): 550

Sam Fong 500

Ingo’s Bingo (BenOlson): 0

Topanga (ScottB): 0

FightFreak: 0

team individuality: 0

Don Pe pe: 0

gavaniacono: 0

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