Prediction Game Standings

Here we go with our first standings recap in the prediction game, which I figure we’ll do every two fights. The two fights this time were, obviously, the featherweight bouts Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Steven Luevano and Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Rogers Mtagwa on Jan. 23. (We need a good, catchy name for the game, by the way, if anyone has any nominations.)

Spidershark scored the maximum points allowable by accurately calling Lopez’ 7th round knockout and being closest to Gamboa’s 2nd round KO. Who is this Spidershark, hmmm? I found it highly suspicious that Gamboa said he wanted to take it to the 4th round in his post-fight interview, and that’s the round Spidershark predicted for Gamboa’s finish. Are these vague hints of impropriety in any way related to my bitterness at not being in first place? Probably.

BigMaxy also called both fights correctly and picked Lopez to win in the 7th, so we have a second place. There’s a 22-way tie for third because that’s how many people picked the right winners, and the 11 people bold enough to pick an upset are tied for fourth. Three of you fourthers doubted by boy YURIORKIS GAMBOA! Poor stickfigure doubted both men.

There were a few people who didn’t exactly follow the rules (you know who you are, punks) and they got a grace period this time. Not next time! I also failed to specify what qualifies as too specific. For the purposes of this trial run, let’s just say a knockout is a knockout — technical, regular, RTD, whatever. Unless everyone hates that idea and revolts.

I doubt I’ll do another prediction and prediction entry until Feb. 6, when lightweights Edwin Valero and Antonio DeMarco square off, although there’s the off-chance I might do one of the upcoming weekend’s fights or the Feb. 5 Glen Johnson-Yusaf Mack light heavyweight fight. What I’m saying is, stay sharp and be ready to play, playas.

Your standings below; if you see any tabulation errors, notify me and we can adjudicate:


Spidershark: 1200

BigMaxy: 1100

Little Cole: 1000

P.I. Joe: 1000

Bring Da’ Ruckus: 1000

Macho: 1000

beccapooka: 1000

cNcEDDIE: 1000

Fish Hook Combo: 1000

Donkey Punch: 1000

Arthur Billette: 1000

angrypeople: 1000

Geordie Dancer: 1000

severuck: 1000

The Bridgewater Slaughterhouse: 1000

frankiej: 1000

Cardscott5: 1000

knees up neville brown: 1000

willfrank: 1000

David Schraub: 1000

Omar: 1000

Zekiel: 1000

Jonathan: 1000

Paul Kelly: 1000

Unifythebelts: 500

Always Wrong: 500

The Count Of Monte Fisto: 500

Not Sure: 500

fadein2bolivian: 500

JB: 500

PJ Prediction King: 500

The Queensberry Fools: 500

venom.420: 500

Pretty Toney: 500

Alain Yap: 500

stickfigure: 0

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