Pretty Toney Wins TQBR Prediction Game 1.0 (…Now Everyone Get Ready For 2.0)

It was a fitting race to the finish, but like his TQBR Prediction Game-winning savior Sergio Martinez on Saturday, Pretty Toney pulled it out late over rival JB to win all the marbles. Ladies and gentlemen, in honor of the TQBR Prediction Game 1.0 winner, I give you…

It was either that, or photo-shopping James Toney with some make-up on, and I never have learned how to Photoshop stuff. Congrats to PT, who had a perfect weekend on the scorecards, and I’ll be in touch with him about his prize. And thanks to everyone for playing. He joins previous champion Spidershark in the TQBR Prediction Game Hall of Champions.

Before we get into a bit of a breakdown of the past weekend, I want to make sure everyone knows we’ll start 2.0 this week. It’s a fresh start for people who didn’t place as high as they wanted, and for people who joined late to start on even footing. A miniature discussion of prospective rules changes follows at the end of the entry.

So back to PT’s tally: He hauled in 1300 points, with his accurate calls of Martinez-Kelly Pavlik (Martinez UD12) and Lucian Bute-Edison Miranda (Bute KO4, which was a round late but nobody else got closer). A mere four people saw a UD for Martinez, with many of us expecting a closer call on the scorecards. Ten people with with Martinez overall, compared to 16 for the favorite Pavlik, and those picking the upset got an extra 100. All but one person went with Bute, with four people saying KO4 for the accuracy bonus.

Lotsa fun gang. I look forward to kicking things off with Chris Arreola-Tomasz Adamek and Carl Froch-Mikkel Kessler. Be on the lookout for those prediction entries between Tuesday and Thursday. Here are your final standings in the meantime for 1.0. As usual, if you detect any tabulation errors, let me know and we can adjudicate:


Pretty Toney: 6850

JB: 6350

David Schraub: 6200

Hit Dog: 6050

B-Side Meth (Tim Starks): 5550

Knees Up Neville Brown (Dobbler): 5500

cNceddie: 5400

Alexmac: 5000

Arthur Billette: 4950

Team Monica (edub): 4900

Unifythebelts: 4850

Cardscott5: 4850

cguenard (Chris): 4800

fadein2bolivian: 4800

Geordie Dancer (Andrew Harrison): 4500

PI Joe (Irvin Ryan): 4400

Paul Kelly: 4400

severuck: 4250

PJ Prediction King (PJ): 4200

Kid Gruesome (Scott Kraus): 4200

DukeShadeBlue: 4300

Always Wrong (RoWyN): 4150

ScottB: 4000

Not Sure (Jay Ari Yin): 3750

willfrank: 3750

stickfigure: 3450

The Queensberry Fools (Eugene Dammrod): 3200

sam.fong: 2950

Bigmaxy: 2600

the legend: 2600

Donkey Puncher (Brian.McNeely): 2050

epark88 1750

Beccapooka: 1050

Eric Naff: 1050

marlon vera 650

Israel: 600

gavaniacono: 550

venom.0420: 500

Bob77: 500

Jay Cliff: 500

Baron: 500

FlorencioR: 500

mekiko: 0

nameless: 0

faz: 0

OK, here’s the miniature rules discussion.

Any last-minute rules change suggestions, hit me up now. The thorniest problem for me is what to do with late submissions. I can’t think of a better way to handle it than I have, though, so I’d need someone to come up with a good idea on this or else we leave it the way it is.

Obviously, I took into account the strategic issue some of you raised about last-weekend predictions and the privacy thereof for the potential #1 contenders. I also think we’ll have a rule for voiding predictions in the event of special circumstances, like a fighter weighing in significantly above the limit, and for handling the length of the game when the schedule makes it difficult to do a 12-fight sequence. I’ll re-post the new rules this week with an adaptation for all that and any other last-minute changes. Alas, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep a better tally of any other kind of stats than I have, because stat-keeping is really the only unpleasant thing about this all for me — and as much as I appreciate people offering to lighten the load, I can’t agree to take on new workload burdens expecting others to help, because sometimes people mean well but don’t come through on their promises and that would leave me holding the bag.

Thanks to those of you (I believe JB has been a pioneer of many of these ideas) who have contributed to making the game run more smoothly.

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