Some Sweet Knockouts Of Recent Vintage

It’s been a slow start to 2010 as far as meaningful fights go, but it’s hot on the knockout front.

For your viewing pleasure, I provide you the following:

Kevin Mitchell-Ignacio Mendoza (lightweight) — Observe how Mitchell over the weekend lifted Mendoza off the ground with that right hand/left hand combo.

Nonito Donaire-Manuel Vargas (junior bantamweight) — A mismatch, but I love the hippity-hoppity move, followed by the left uppercut, also from this past weekend, on the Top Rank pay-per-view. Not so hot quality footage.

Freddy Hernandez-DeMarcus Corley (welterweight) — Corley’s collapse was epic. From two weekends ago on Showtime’s ShoBox.

Ed Paredes-Joey Hernandez II (welterweight) — Everyone’s favorite so far, I think. From ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights, Feb. 5.

Guillermo Rigondeaux-Adolfo Landeros (junior featherweight) — Another mismatch, which makes it less awesome, but I love body shot KOs. Same night as Paredes-Hernandez II.

Roman Karmazin-Dionisio Miranda (middleweight) — The late-fight comeback made it stand out, but it was pretty solid out of context, too. From FNF on Jan. 8.

(As always, videos stay up as long as they’re up on YouTube.)

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