The Window Closed On Shane Mosley Fast, And Floyd Mayweather Took It From There

That window Shane Mosley trainer Nazim Richardson mentioned for his boxer to beat Floyd Mayweather? It opened in the 2nd round, when Mosley rocked Mayweather with a right hook and had him badly hurt. And it was closed the very next round, when Mayweather came out aggressive and something seemed wrong with Mosley. Maybe he got old overnight, maybe the long layoff hurt him, but he couldn’t get back into it and Mayweather wouldn’t let him. Mayweather was too accurate, too good on the inside (if not stronger, better balance and leverage than Shane in there) and too aggressive offensively for a tired-looking Mosley, and Mosley didn’t appear to want to charge him recklessly; I think Mayweather was hurting him with those shots, which was a big deal.

I’ll have more to say later, when I’m not in Vegas, but I have to confess that I’ve switched back from thinking Manny Pacquiao would beat Floyd Mayweather to vice versa. About the only chance Pacquaio would have would be to hurt Mayweather early and finish him off. But I’m not sure that’s even going to be an option. Mayweather gets better fight after fight, round after round, and every option that presents itself is usually gone very quickly. Before you know it, you’re hurtling toward the wrong end of a unanimous decision with no way out, which is where Mosley ended up. Mayweather got his career-best win tonight from a terrific performance. It’s hard to imagine anyone beating him until his body quits on him, which there were no signs of this evening.

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