TQBR Prediction Game 2.0 Standings, Update #1

Welcome, all 47 of you, to TQBR Prediction Game 2.0. The numbers have swollen tremendously, so welcome back to all the previous players and welcome as well to the new ones. You probably couldn’t have picked a harder week to start — two close fights on paper to call, two fights that ended up close in reality. But there are 10 more to go, with two of them coming up this weekend: Floyd Mayweather-Shane Mosley, plus Hozumi Hasegawa-Fernando Montiel.

First, though, this week’s heroes. Only 11 people picked both winners in the Mikkel Kessler-Carl Froch/Tomasz Adamek-Arreola fights, so naturally those are your leaders, and they’re bunched up some. By contrast, 14 people didn’t score any points. Like I said, it was the kind of weekend where you could go 2-2 or 0-2, and more of you went 0-2 than 2-2. The two most impressive calls were by Drederick Tatum aka Scott Kraus and stickfigure, both of whom precisely predicted Adamek to win by MD12 for the 100-point accuracy bonus. In all, 11 went with Adamek, who was the slight betting underdog per Bodog, which means picking him was good for another 100 points, and everyone picked him to win by a decision, good for another 50 points. Less impressive, but also deserving of accuracy kudos, are the 15 people who called Kessler to win by UD12, out of 25 total who went with the Dane.

A number of folk surprisingly didn’t predict for both fights. This is all in good fun and whatever makes you happy and all, but you’re throwing away a minimum of 500 potential points for each correct call. If you’re worried you don’t have time to research or visit the site very often that week, don’t forget you can pop up one day before a fight, slap any old prediction up and face no penalty for wrong answers.

It’s going to be an EXTREMELY busy week here at TQBR, with saturation Mayweather-Mosley coverage to start soon, not to mention some revisiting of the past weekend’s fights, a pound-for-pound update and plenty more. But be on the lookout for prediction posts Tuesday and Thursday for next weekend’s bouts.

Until then, find below your 2.0 standings. As usual, if you detect any tabulation errors, let me know and we can adjudicate:


Drederick Tatum (Scott Kraus): 1250

Apemantus: 1250

Chris: 1250

PJ Prediction King (PJ): 1250

David Schraub: 1250

The Flying Buttresses (JohnPaulFutbol): 1250

stickfigure: 1200

PI Joe (Irvin Ryan): 1150

beccapooka: 1150

Doug Fischer’s Ponytail (ALEXMAC): 1150

Geordie Dancer (Andrew Harrison): 1150

Bigmaxy: 650

johnkzoo: 650

The Weasel (Funky Badger): 650

team individuality: 650

I likea da predictions (morelandj): 600

Miggs88: 600

Arthur Billette: 600

D.C. Senators (edub): 600

cNcEDDIE: 600

Team Tell Me I’m The Greatest (me): 600

sam.fong: 600

fadein2bolivian: 600

nazarioz: 600

Manila Ice (JB): 600

Team Great Santini (willfrank): 550

Cardscott5: 550

ShortFuse (RoWyN): 500

Ben Olson: 500

Not Sure (Jay Ari Yin): 500

Hit Dog: 500

BOB77: 500

Jordan Adair: 500

Southern Comfort (Dobbler): 0

the legend: 0

Malignant Narcissism (Eric Naff): 0

Unifythebelts: 0

Paul Kelly: 0

gavia: 0

PalookaJoe: 0

Team Fingermonkey (ScottB): 0

The Queensberry Fools (Eugene Dammrod): 0

Stats: 0

DukeShadeBlue: 0

Pretty Toney: 0

epark88: 0

Fish Hook Combo (FlorencioR): 0

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