TQBR Prediction Game 3.0 Standings, Update #1

Here’s your first leaderboard for TQBR Prediction Game 3.0. But before we get into the standings, I have a question for the playas:

What fights should we do next for the game? Take a look at the schedule — several “bigger” fights aren’t expected to be too competitive until about August 7, and several smaller fights could be a bit tougher to predict. So check the schedule, and help me pick which one(s) we should do next, please.

At it stands now, accuracy is the difference between 1st place and a very long list of 2nd-placers. The man of the moment? Frankie Topanga aka ScottB, who called both a unanimous decision win for Andre Ward over Allan Green, like 24 other people, and a knockout win for Juan Manuel Lopez over Bernabe Concepcion, like 24 other people. Ah, but here’s the difference: He predicted a 3rd round knockout for Juanma, one round late but one round earlier than anyone else. That’s good for a 50-point edge over all us others types.

I gotta give an affectionately defamatory bonus mention to Da Weasel aka FunkyBadger, who picked both Green and Concepcion, and didn’t get the Concepcion pick in by deadline, either. Triple-fail! A lot of people left points on the table from one fight to the next, too — 11 fewer people made predictions for Lopez-Concepcion than Ward-Green. So wasteful.

As for the picture, yes, Paul the World Cup-predicting octopus is stale and uncreative, but someday I’m going to run out of pics related to things that can predict things, so I gotta go with this now or never.

Now, your standings. If you see any tabulation errors, notify me so we can adjudicate:


Frankie Topanga (ScottB) 1200

KO Onan (Tim Starks) 1150

The Fire In The Flint (Apemantus) 1150

Drederick Tatum (Scott Kraus) 1150

Paul Kelly 1150

David Schraub 1150

DukeShadeBlue 1150

Geordie Dancer (Andrew Harrison) 1150

Grillmaster (indiebass) 1150

Bigmaxy 1150

nazarioz 1150

Team Judge Smails (willfrank) 1150

Hit Dog 1150

team individuality 1150

cguenard 1150

miggs88 1150

Arthur Billette 1150

Pew Pew Pew PJ 1100

cardscott5 1100

Mean Eugene (Eugene Dammrod) 1100

Unifythebelts 1100

Da Legend Killa (cNcEDDIE) 1100

Eu-ro-pe, Eu-ro-pe! (Dobbler) 1050

Sad Keanu (ALEXMAC) 1050

the legend 1050

Ben Olson 1050

johnkzoo 1000

JB 1000

Vuvuzela (edub) 1000

Basque Country 600

The Royal Marcus 600

beccapooka 600

Malignant Narcissism (Eric Naff) 600

Stickfigure 550

Burbank Baker 550

PI Joe (Irvin Ryan) 500

Shortfuse (rowyn) 500

sam.fong 500

Queensberry Wench 500

fadein2bolivian 0

Da Weasel (FunkyBadger) 0

About Tim Starks

Tim is the founder of The Queensberry Rules and co-founder of The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (http://www.tbrb.org). He lives in Washington, D.C. He has written for the Guardian, Economist, New Republic, Chicago Tribune and more.