TQBR Prediction Game 3.0 Standings, Update #2

Sorry for the delay in tallying up the standings in TQBR Prediction Game 3.0. I had some girl drama to attend to, a busy stretch at the day job and frankly it was a pain in the ass mathematically that I put off because I knew it would be a pain in the ass mathematically.

Through the midway point, we have two new leaders: Geordie Dancer aka Andrew Harrison, and nazarioz. They propelled themselves into the lead with consistent accuracy in the four weekend fights. Accuracy is good fuel. Seventeen people are perfect in their predictions of the winners so far, in part because most of the bouts’ winners have been little in doubt, so accuracy in the method of victory is the only difference between those 17 people. I won’t do much more mathematical analysis than that, as what math I’ve done today has taken an hour and a half, but I’ll point out a few trends:

1. Most of the people who dropped a bit in the standings were people who took a risk on Ishe Smith to upset Fernando Guerrero. They almost got their wish in a close fight.

2. Nobody picked Rafael Concepcion to beat Fernando Montiel, wisely. Nor did anyone pick Joachim Alcine to upset Alfredo Angulo, wisely. Only one person, the very brave but unwise Team Judge Smails aka willfrank, went with Luis Carlos Abregu to upset Timothy Bradley, although truth be told it was a closer fight than many expected, in part because Abregu was a bit better than many expected. It wasn’t quite Smails-Czervik competitively, but I don’t suppose WF was VERY unwise.

3. Calls of the week go to stickfigure, Drederick Tatum aka Scott Kraus and JB for calling a 3rd round knockout for Angulo — closest to the actual result, the 1st — and Ben Olson for calling a 3rd round knockout for Montiel, which was dead on.

4. I’m bad at math, if you haven’t picked up on this. Really, check your scores if you have an iota of doubt, because I victimize someone weekly (my victims in the last tally: JB and Not Sure aka Jay Ari Yin) and with things this close, it could be the difference between sweet, sexy victory and stinging, ignominious defeat.

As for what’s next, we’ll definitely tackle the July 31 pay-per-view headlined by the Juan Manuel Marquez-Juan Diaz rematch. The question is, how many of those fights should we do? Several are worthy, at least by the standards of boxing’s current dry spell. Let me know which ones you’d want to predict.

Now, your standings.


Geordie Dancer (Andrew Harrison) 3450

nazarioz 3450

Arthur Billette 3400

KO Onan (Tim Starks) 3350

David Schraub 3350

Not Sure (Jay Ari Yin) 3350

team individuality 3350

Bigmaxy 3300

DukeShadeBlue 3300

Da Legend Killa (cNcEDDIE) 3300

JB 3300

Frankie Topanga (ScottB) 3250

cardscott5 3250

Sad Keanu (ALEXMAC) 3200

the legend 3200

Ben Olson 3200

Team Vuvuzela (edub) 3200

Drederick Tatum (Scott Kraus) 2900

Unifythebelts 2850

The Fire In The Flint (Apemantus) 2800

Grillmaster (indiebass) 2800

Hit Dog 2800

Pew Pew Pew PJ 2800

Mean Eugene (Eugene Dammrod) 2750

Queensberry Wench 2700

Shortfuse (rowyn) 2700

Eu-ro-pe, Eu-ro-pe! (Dobbler) 2600

johnkzoo 2600

Team Judge Smails (willfrank) 2250

Stickfigure 2250

Da Weasel (FunkyBadger) 2150

Morelandj 1550

Paul Kelly 1150

cguenard 1150

miggs88 1150

Basque Country 600

The Royal Marcus 600

beccapooka 600

Malignant Narcissism (Eric Naff) 600

Burbank Baker 550

PI Joe (Irvin Ryan) 500

sam.fong 500

fadein2bolivian 0

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Tim is the founder of The Queensberry Rules and co-founder of The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (http://www.tbrb.org). He lives in Washington, D.C. He has written for the Guardian, Economist, New Republic, Chicago Tribune and more.