TQBR Prediction Game 4.0, Update #1

After two weekends of action in the kickoff leg of TQBR Prediction Game 4.0, both weekends featuring upset victors, there are more have-nots than haves. Conditions would be ripe for a communist revolt, if any of this mattered.

There are 16 members of the bourgeoisie who have any points whatsoever and thereby can say, per the commercial below, “Opulence. I has it.” There are 22 members of the proletariat who are subsisting on actually carpet lint, or less than that, with zero points.

In what is sure to unleash a torrent of entertaining trash talk, the legend is our current leader, as the only person who correctly picked both victors in Giovanni Segura’s 8th round knockout of Ivan Calderon and Jean Pascal’s unanimous decision win over Chad Dawson. Making matters worse for his enemies, the legend got a perfect 700 for being closest to the actual result in Segura-Calderon, alongside Miggs 88, stickfigure and Unifythebelts. For Pascal-Dawson, only the Quensburry Wench got the perfect 700.

Eleven people got points via Segura; six got them via Pascal. Some of you missed out on points with late predictions, no predictions or less specific predictions than you could have provided, per the rules, so keep all that in mind.

If you’re anything like The Ghost With The Hammer In His Hand, aka me, you can’t wait to get some points on the board. But we 22 monumental losers will have to hold our horses until predictions for the fights on Sept. 11, when as many as three bouts — Wladimir Klitschko-Samuel Peter, Yuriorkis Gamboa-Orlando Salido and Anthony Peterson-Brandon Rios — could qualify for TQBR Prediction Game 4.0.

Until then, your inaugural standings are below. If you see any error in tabulation, please notify me so we can adjudicate:


the legend: 1350

Quensburry Wench: 700

Miggs 88: 700

stickfigure: 700

Unifythebelts: 700

Arthur Billette 650

Neon Leon’s Two Front Teeth (Andrew Harrison): 650

Violent Demise: 650

Duan: 650

The Road Warrior (Hit Dog): 650

Team Ivan Drago (edub): 650

Paul Kelly: 650

JB: 650

Team Tommy Westphal’s Mind (willfrank): 650

JasonTO: 600

cardscott5: 600

The Ghost With The Hammer In His Hand (Tim Starks): 0

morelandj: 0

Team Million Dollar Dream (Scott Kraus): 0

Team Death Shift (ALEXMAC): 0

Team Iron Psych (PJ): 0

Team Count of Monte Fisto (cguenard): 0

Ingo’s Bingo (BenOlson): 0

David Schraub: 0

Sure Shot Sabotage (Dobbler): 0

Not Sure (Jay Ari Yin): 0

Bigmaxy: 0

Pale Fire (Apemantus): 0

The Flying Kermits (cNcEDDIE): 0

Johnkzoo: 0

Trainwreck (nazarioz): 0

Pretty Toney: 0

Beard of Zeus (Eugene Dammrod): 0

DukeShadeBlue: 0

Topanga (ScottB): 0

FightFreak: 0

Da Weasel: (FunkyBadger): 0

team individuality: 0

About Tim Starks

Tim is the founder of The Queensberry Rules and co-founder of The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (http://www.tbrb.org). He lives in Washington, D.C. He has written for the Guardian, Economist, New Republic, Chicago Tribune and more.