TQBR Prediction Game 4.0, Update #2

So I’m back from London as of late Sunday, and back from seeing Broken Social Scene as of late Monday, and that means it’s time for some piss-poor addition and desperate metaphorical pictures related to predictin’ stuff.

The good news is that there’s interesting business to report in this update of TQBR Prediction Game 4.0. After the legend dominated update #1, His Trashtalkingness has taken a slight tumble. Paul Kelly is tied with the previous leader-man, owing to a rare missed call by the formerly exclusive boss and PK picking up bonus points in all three correct picks over the weekend.

That said, six people are separated by nearly nothin’, with 11 people one good pick from moving into first place, and we’re still a good ways away from the finish line.

One of the prime PK moves was in predicting a 10th round knockout for Wladimir Klitschko over Samuel Peter, something six folk did, which is pretty neat considering that it’s a very specific round for so many people to be right about. Another PK pick was the UD of Yuriorkis Gamboa over Orlando Salido, something only four people managed because most of us expected Gamboa to rain down unconsciousness upon Salido’s brow. And he was one of 10 people to pick Brandon Rios to upset Anthony Peterson.

Long-time friend of the site gets Eugene Dammrod aka Beard of Zeus gets this week’s coveted Peter Buckley Award, as he went 0-3 by picking Peter (only three did), Salido (he was all alone on that one) and Peterson (a less foolhardy choice).

Next up: I’ll blog about some of the business of the past week and weekend while I was away. Then, we’ll get a prediction post up for Shane Mosley-Sergio Mora and maybe even Daniel Ponce De Leon-Antonio Escalante, but your suggestions are welcome. And I’ll also get back to regularly answering your assorted smart and smart-ass comments.

Until that pleasure is mine, your standings are below. As usual, if you see any tabulation errors, let me know and we can adjudicate.


the legend: 2450

Paul Kelly: 2450

Miggs 88: 2350

stickfigure: 2350

JB: 2300

Team Tommy Westphal’s Mind (willfrank): 2300

Team Ivan Drago (edub): 1800

Unifythebelts: 1750

Arthur Billette: 1750

Da Weasel: (FunkyBadger): 1700

Neon Leon’s Two Front Teeth (Andrew Harrison): 1700

The Road Warrior (Hit Dog): 1700

Team Count of Monte Fisto (cguenard): 1700

Pale Fire (Apemantus): 1700

cardscott5: 1650

The Ghost With The Hammer In His Hand (Tim Starks): 1650

The Flying Kermits (cNcEDDIE): 1600

Sure Shot Sabotage (Dobbler): 1100

Team Death Shift (ALEXMAC): 1150

IrvinRyan: 1100

morelandj: 1050

Team Million Dollar Dream (Scott Kraus): 1050

Not Sure (Jay Ari Yin): 1050

Bigmaxy: 1050

Johnkzoo: 1050

Trainwreck (nazarioz): 1050

Basque Country: 1050

ShortFuse (RoWyN): 1050

Team Iron Psych (PJ): 1000

David Schraub: 1000

DukeShadeBlue: 1000

Quensburry Wench: 700

Violent Demise: 650

Duan: 650

JasonTO: 600

Pretty Toney: 550

baron: 500

Ingo’s Bingo (BenOlson): 0

Beard of Zeus (Eugene Dammrod): 0

Topanga (ScottB): 0

FightFreak: 0

team individuality: 0

Don Pe pe: 0

gavaniacono: 0

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