TQBR Prediction Game 4.0, Update #4

As of this weekend, leaderman — and recent TQBR contributor! — Paul Kelly kept his TQBR Prediction Game 4.0 lead in large measure because of a sadistic referee, Ian John-Lewis, and a corner that had no interest in protecting Shannon Briggs from a brutal pummeling by Vitali Klitschko that lasted far too long and left Briggs in the intensive care unit with broken bones in his face. But on the bright side, the torn bicep probably wasn’t Klitschko’s fault.

Anyway, Paul Kelly was the only one who saw that fight going the distance, and for that he got a perfect 600 points. He also predicted a knockout by Lucian Bute over Jesse Brinkley, good for 550 points. The perfect ones for that fight — the ones who called a 9th round knockout for Bute — were Basque Country, Neon Leon’s Two Front Teeth aka Andrew Harrison and The Road Warrior aka Hit Dog. Good ones, lads.

Unfortunately for Mr. Teeth, he also was one of only two people to call an upset over the weekend, predicting — with the caveat that it was “ridiculous” — a Briggs win. The other was stickfigure, calling a Brinkley win, because it’d be “boring” to predict otherwise. Both men had been sitting fairly pretty in the standings, and the gamble cost them. Hey, at least they knew it was kooky what they were doing. Most everybody else went with knockouts for both Bute and Klitschko, but five people had Bute by unanimous decision.

TQBR Prediction Game 4.0 will return to a neighborhood near you for a big finish for doubleheaders airing on Showtime and HBO Nov. 6.

Until then, please find below your standings. As always, if you see a tabulation error, notify me and we can adjudicate:


Paul Kelly: 4150

Miggs 88: 4000

the legend: 3500

Team Tommy Westphal’s Mind (willfrank): 3350

Pale Fire (Apemantus): 3250

cardscott5: 3250

stickfigure: 2850

Team Ivan Drago (edub): 2850

Unifythebelts: 2800

Arthur Billette: 2800

The Road Warrior (Hit Dog): 2800

Team Count of Monte Fisto (cguenard): 2750

The Ghost With The Hammer In His Hand (Tim Starks): 2700

Not Sure (Jay Ari Yin): 2650

Trainwreck (nazarioz): 2650

Basque Country: 2650

Team Iron Psych (PJ): 2600

DukeShadeBlue: 2550

Sure Shot Sabotage (Dobbler): 2600

JB: 2300

Neon Leon’s Two Front Teeth (Andrew Harrison): 2300

Team Death Shift (ALEXMAC): 2150

The Flying Kermits (cNcEDDIE): 2100

Bigmaxy: 2100

Pretty Toney: 2100

Team Million Dollar Dream (Scott Kraus): 2050

ShortFuse (RoWyN): 2050

David Schraub: 2050

Quensburry Wench: 1750

Da Weasel: (FunkyBadger): 1700

IrvinRyan: 1600

Johnkzoo: 1550

baron: 1500

morelandj: 1050

memzie: 1050

beccapooka: 1050

Violent Demise: 650

Duan: 650

JasonTO: 600

Beard of Zeus (Eugene Dammrod): 550

Sam Fong 500

Ingo’s Bingo (BenOlson): 0

Topanga (ScottB): 0

FightFreak: 0

team individuality: 0

Don Pe pe: 0

gavaniacono: 0

About Tim Starks

Tim is the founder of The Queensberry Rules and co-founder of The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (http://www.tbrb.org). He lives in Washington, D.C. He has written for the Guardian, Economist, New Republic, Chicago Tribune and more.