TQBR Prediction Game Standings, Update #5

OK, so here’s the deal: TQBR Prediction Game 1.0 ends after two fights next weekend, the HBO double-header of Kelly Pavlik-Sergio Martinez and Lucian Bute-Edison Miranda. Only four people can win the whole shebang: JB, Pretty Toney, David Schraub and Hit Dog, with the latter two needing brilliant predictions and a collapse by the first two to pull it off.

While the rest of us watch the final countdown (depicted below) between these titans of prescience and file our last predictions out of pride alone, please be thinking of whether you’ve enjoyed playing enough to want to do a 2.0; whether you’d play if I offered no physical prize as the ramifications of anything but $5 gift certificates every couple months begins to sound daunting on my wallet, at least until I cash my first real paycheck at Bloguin and get a sense how rich it will make me; and whether you think we need to change some rules — points system? deadline of filing predictions? shortening the length of the game? I know I’m enjoying it and want to keep going, but my vote is but one man’s. We’ll have a summit about this next week, but you’d do me a big favor by getting the discussion started here, now.

This past weekend still offers grist for discussion, though. Knees Up Neville Brown aka Dobbler gets points for the call of the weekend, an Andre Berto stoppage of Carlos Quintana in the 8th round. Many of you were close, but none so spot on. Nine people got the Celestino Caballero unanimous decision over Daud Yordan exactly right, for an equally accurate but less cool-feeling call of the exact round Berto would win.

A surprising six people picked Yordan for the upset, to three for Quintana. Eight people got things flip-flopped — Berto decision, Caballero knockout — and four of us called the proper decision-to-knockout ratio.

So here are your penultimate standings. If you see any tabulation errors, notify me and we can adjudicate:


JB: 5700

Pretty Toney: 5550

David Schraub: 4950

Hit Dog: 4850

Paul Kelly: 4400

Arthur Billette: 4400

Team Monica (edub): 4350

Unifythebelts: 4300

Cardscott5: 4300

Knees Up Neville Brown (Dobbler): 4300

B-Side Meth (Tim Starks): 4300

cguenard (Chris): 4250

cNceddie: 4200

Geordie Dancer (Andrew Harrison): 4000

PI Joe (Irvin Ryan): 3850

Alexmac: 3800

severuck: 3700

PJ Prediction King (PJ): 3650

Kid Gruesome (Scott Kraus): 3650

Always Wrong (RoWyN): 3600

fadein2bolivian: 3550

The Queensberry Fools (Eugene Dammrod): 3200

Not Sure (Jay Ari Yin): 3200

willfrank: 3200

DukeShadeBlue: 3100

ScottB: 2750

Bigmaxy: 2600

stickfigure: 2300

the legend: 2050

Donkey Puncher (Brian.McNeely): 2050

epark88 1750

sam.fong: 1700

marlon vera 650

Israel: 600

gavaniacono: 550

venom.0420: 500

Bob77: 500

Beccapooka: 500

Jay Cliff: 500

Eric Naff: 500

Baron: 500

mekiko: 0

nameless: 0

faz: 0

About Tim Starks

Tim is the founder of The Queensberry Rules and co-founder of The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (http://www.tbrb.org). He lives in Washington, D.C. He has written for the Guardian, Economist, New Republic, Chicago Tribune and more.