TQBR Prediction Game Standings, Update #1

The game is afoot.

Before we get to the standings, I must play the heavy and remind everyone to please follow the rules. We keep getting late predictions, and next time, they won’t count. I don’t like to do that kind of thing, but we have to set SOME deadline, and there’s a chance some new piece of information after the deadline could give you latecomers a competitive edge. Also, please review the rules once more the level of specificity required or not required for entries. That’s not as big a deal, but it can cost you some bonus points if you do it the wrong way.

All right. Back to the fun parts. We began this week as we began last time: With Alexmac at the front of the pack, and stickfigure, God bless, starting in last place. Alexmac is tied for the lead with Kid Gruesome aka Scott Kraus, thanks to the new rule that gives 50 points for correctly calling a decision vs. a KO. There’s an 11-way tie for second place, but that’ll clear up in subsequent standing posts, I betcha.

Almost everybody got 500 points for correctly picking Manny Pacquiao over Joshua Clottey Saturday. Only one contestant went with Clottey, the very brave stickfigure. Sixteen people snagged the extra 100 points by picking Pacquiao to win via unanimous decision.

The week before, seven people went with the upset call, Juan Urango over Devon Alexander. No such luck. (Sorry, stickfigure.) The best call of the whole tourney so far? Not Sure, aka Jay Ari Yin, predicting Alexander would win by knockout in the 8th. That is, the exact round it happened. That’s some Nostradamus stuff, Not Sure, and it gets you the 100 point bonus. Three other smart people — Kid Gruesome, Team Monica aka edub and Alexmac — thought that the iron-chinned Urango wouldn’t see the final bell, good for an extra 50.

Overall, 20 people are two-for-two by going with the favorite in each fight. This week, Wladimir Klitschko-Eddie Chambers will be in play (save your prediction for my preview post later in the week). I haven’t decided yet how we’ll do the week after, with a big Showtime fight, an HBO double-header and a meaningful ESPN2 Friday Night Fights main event. Usually we would do standings updates after two fights, but we might do an update after Klitschko-Chambers then another the next week.

Here are the standings. There are a few people who only predicted for the Pacquiao fight, so I’m not sure they’re actually playing or just wanted to leave their prediction. They’ll be dropped from the standings absent a prediction this week. If you believe I miscalculated, let me know and we can adjudicate.


Alexmac: 1150

Kid Gruesome (Scott Kraus): 1150

David Schraub: 1100

Hit Dog: 1100

Chris: 1100

PJ Prediction King (PJ): 1100

JB: 1100

Pretty Toney: 1100

cNceddie: 1100

DukeShadeBlue: 1100

Cardscott5: 1100

Not Sure (Jay Ari Yin): 1100

Geordie Dancer (Andrew Harrison): 1100

Team Monica (edub): 1050

B-Side Meth (Tim Starks): 1000

Bigmaxy: 1000

Knees Up Neville Brown (Dobbler): 1000

fadein2bolivian: 1000

Always Wrong (RoWyN): 1000

Donkey Puncher (Brian.McNeely): 1000

Israel: 600

Paul Kelly: 600

Arthur Billette: 600

Unifythebelts: 600

sam.fong: 600

PI Joe (Irvin Ryan): 500

The Queensberry Fools (Eugene Dammrod): 500

willfrank: 500

ScottB: 500

venom.0420: 500

severuck: 500

Bob77: 500

Miguel Angel: 500

Jonna: 500

The Only True Prediction (Serge): 500

SPY: 500

stickfigure: 0

About Tim Starks

Tim is the founder of The Queensberry Rules and co-founder of The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (http://www.tbrb.org). He lives in Washington, D.C. He has written for the Guardian, Economist, New Republic, Chicago Tribune and more.