TQBR Prediction League Standings, Trial Run Week Two

Hey boxing, let’s see some upsets, huh? Four fights into the Prediction Game at TQBR and we haven’t seen an underdog prevail yet. Keeping with that theme of winners winning, Spidershark continued his run of impressive prescience, holding onto the top spot in the rankings for the second update in a row.

(The Mayans may ultimately be correct about the outcome of the world but I suspect it will happen much later in the fight, so no bonus points.)

While Spidershark got the winners right this week, he was less accurate in his exact predictions. Alexmac and Arthur Billette both saw the finish of the Edwin Valero fight coming in round 9, enough for Alexmac to move into a tie for second place with BigMaxy. Arthur went with Yusaf Mack over Glen Johnson, leaving him tied for fourth.

Irvin Ryan was closest to predicting the Johnson knockout by anticipating an eighth-round stoppage, as most saw the fight going into the late rounds. However, he stands tied with Arthur for fourth as he expected Antonio DeMarco to provide a stiffer test for Valero.

The 22-player logjam for third place that we saw in the last standings update has cleared significantly. Eight players now stand tied for third, having predicted the winner correctly in each fight without the precision of those at the top of the list.

If you opt to use a team name, please use it every time. I am personally guilty of not doing this once, so no hard feelings, but compiling the scores is exponentially more difficult if names are confused. Also, please note the time stipulations for submitting your picks. Picks need to be in by 11:59 PM EST the day before the fight to assure no funny business.

Your standings below; if you see any tabulation errors, notify me and we can adjudicate:


Spidershark (Team Spidershark) – 2200

Alexmac – 2100

BigMaxy – 2100

Angrypeople – 2000

Tim Starks (Little Cole) – 2000

Paul Kelly – 2000

Scott Kraus (Bridgewater Slaughterhouse) – 2000

Dobbler (Knees Up Neville Brown) – 2000

CardScott5 – 2000

Andrew Harrison (Geordie Dancer) – 2000

David Schraub – 2000

Irvin Ryan (PI Joe) – 1600

Arthur Billette – 1600

PJ (P.J. Prediction King) – 1500

Willfrank – 1500

Pretty Toney – 1500

Fadein2bolivian – 1500

RoWyN (Always Wrong) – 1500

Zekiel – 1500

cNcEddie – 1000

Florencior (Fish Hook Combo) – 1000

Unifythebelts (Dan P.) – 1000

Edub (Team Monica) – 1000

DukeShadeBlue – 1000

Eugene Dammrod (The Queensbury Fools) – 1000

Jay Ari Yin (Not Sure) – 1000

Brian McNeely (Donkey Punch) – 1000

Beccapooka – 1000

Severuck – 1000

Bob77 (Bring Da Ruckus) – 1000

Frankiej – 1000

Omar – 1000

Jonathan – 1000

JB – 500

Stickfigure – 500

Hit Dog – 500

Chris (The Count of Monte Fisto) – 500

Venom.420 – 500

Alain Yap – 500

JJF – 0

GCIP – 0

Ricolaw – 0

About Tim Starks

Tim is the founder of The Queensberry Rules and co-founder of The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (http://www.tbrb.org). He lives in Washington, D.C. He has written for the Guardian, Economist, New Republic, Chicago Tribune and more.