Video Evidence Of Vivian Harris’ Gripe Being Quite Warranted

The last thing I criticize in boxing are quick stoppages. They have to be really bad. I would rather see someone lose a fight prematurely at the hands of a ref with a quick trigger than take a prolonged, dangerous beating at the hands of a ref who is too brave for anyone’s good.

With that in mind, I have to say junior welterweight Vivian Harris is right to be upset about this fight being stopped, giving him a loss. There’s a moment where he stumbles, but that happens all the time in boxing. Harris wasn’t defenseless, he was firing back moments before the stoppage, and there was absolutely no reason I can see to warrant the referee stopping it and giving the win to Lucas Matthysse.

It’s my personal view that Harris is done as an authentic contender, and before seeing this footage I cited his stoppage loss as evidence of that. I still see Harris as being done as an authentic contender, but I no longer believe this stoppage loss is evidence of that. Harris should have been given an opportunity to prove the skeptics wrong. He’s asking for a rematch. I think he should get one.

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