Broadway Boxing: Stripping, Screaming And Gabriel Bracero Winning

NEW YORK – Just another Broadway Boxing at BB Kings in Times Square in the heart of New York City. Lou DiBella downing drinks. Scores strippers as the ring card girls. And of course, nowhere to sit or stand. Alas, on to the action.

  • In the opening bout Wednesday evening, newly-signed Dibella fighter, Allan Benitez (0-1) making his pro debut, dropped a four round decision in a featherweight bout to Joseliz Cepeda (3-1).
  • The second bout saw Steven Martinez took care of business quickly, ending the fight with a devastating knockout of Ishawar Amador (11-9, 7 KOs)in the 1st round. The bout was contested at junior middleweight.
  • Lightweight Deano Burrell (1-1, 1KO) of London, England was upset by Sidell Blocker (1-3-1). Blocker picked a nice time to get the first win of his career, dropping Burrel in the first two stanzas with hard shots. Burrell tried to bounce back, knowing he needed a knockout, but to no avail.
  • Dibella’s undefeated fighter Ryan Kielczewski improved his record to 9-0, dominating lightly-regarded Wilshaun Boxley over six rounds. Kielczewski controlled distance with his jab while scoring with his straight right to get the win.
  • Boyd Nelson ran his record to 2-0, defeating Marquis Bruce over four rounds. Afterwards, Nelson’s fellow graduates from West Point celebrated in the ring with him, all 16 of them. Nelson donated his entire purse to his ex-girlfriend who is in a wheelchair, a classy act you don’t hear too much of in this seedy sport. 

The last fight before the co-main events really got the crowd going, as local favorite and Irishman Seanie Monaghan went toe-to-toe with Yonkers native Angel Gonzalez in a light heavyweight brawl.

The fighters fought in a phone booth throughout the duration of the contest, exchanging hard blows as both fighters bled.

In round 3, Monaghan starting getting the better of exchanges and really wobbled his Puerto Rican flag-wearing counterpart, as the round came to an end. The referee stopped the fight before the bell rang for round four, after he determined Gonzalez could not continue.

After the bout, as Gonzalez walked back to the kitchen, or in this case the locker room, he screamed “this is a fucking conspiracy!”

The co-feature saw recently signed light heavyweight prospect Mark “TNT” Tucker run his record to 15-0, 7 KOs, as he squeaked by Ray Smith (9-5, 3 KOs).

The fight was rather boring, with Tucker gasping for breath with his mouth wide open for the last two rounds, a six rounder at that, as Smith pressed on. The fight was quite close an most had it a draw at worst for Smith, but this is boxing, so of course, Tucker easily won on the cards, 59-55 thrice. Tucker looked soft and not like a prospect worth keeping an eye on. He did have a Mohawk, though, and is part Native-American, so there’s that.

The main event matched local favorite and Broadway Boxing staple Gabriel “Tito” Bracero (14-0, 1 KO) of in a junior welterweight bout with Chris Fernandez (19-12-1, 11 KOs).

Tito, a Brooklyn native, came out looking to land power shots, but didn’t land anything of significance – he does after all have just one knockout victory in 14 bouts.

His fans chanted “Tito,” only Trinidad, he is not. Though the Puerto Rican fighters seem to really enjoy red trunks, Miguel Cotto withstanding.

Tito starting coming on in round 5, but the action was still few and far between, with Fernandez not doing much to press the action. The fight was a snoozer, shades of Fres Oquendo-John Ruiz. Well not quite that bad, but you get the picture.

One rather annoying woman screamed “C’mon Tito” throughout the fight, as everyone at press row hoped against hope that her wailing would cease at any moment. This woman did something impressive – she made Tracy Byrd seem like a shy schoolgirl.

One judge exclaimed to his counterpart at ringside “Do you have any chloroform” referencing the obcessantly-annoying woman. Wouldn’t have been a bad idea. She did this chanting every few seconds throughout the fight.

Tito finally got to Fernandez, cutting him over his right eye in the last round.

Scores were 80-71 twice and 79-72, all for Bracero.

Sergio Martinez was ringside taking in the action, in the area earlier today for the press conference to officially announce his fight with Sergei Dzinziruk. He was looking dapper in a brown leather jacket. Alexis Arguello Jr. was also in attendance.

I survived my debate with Lou DiBella, as he screamed at me ringside, telling me I was crazy for wanting Amir Khan to fight Paul McCloskey over a rematch with Bredis Prescott. DiBella, who co-promoters Prescott, said that he owns a knockout over Khan, so Khan must be scared. I retorted that Prescott has since lost two fights to bums.

DiBella screamed at me and then proceeded to storm off.

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