Debunking The “Juan Manuel Marquez Is A Cheating Foot Stomper” Video

Here and elsewhere, yesterday and today, some of the more fanatical fans of Manny Pacquaio are flooding the zone with the above video that allegedly shows what a big fat cheater Juan Manuel Marquez was this weekend by stepping on Pacquiao’s foot a whopping five times. With that “Walking Dead” theme music, I can only assume that Marquez’ alleged cheating is born of UNDEAD EVIL.

Feet stompin’ is indeed illegal, if it is done it on purpose.

But anyone who knows the slightest thing about boxing knows that when orthodox fighters face southpaw boxers, they frequently and accidentally step on each others’ feet. You needn’t look too far for examples. Why… you could EVEN look at Pacquiao doing it to Marquez, if you wanted! This past weekend! Early and often! Like so.

Obviously the person who put that second video together is not the biggest Pacquiao fan, but the video footage doesn’t lie. Pacquiao steps on Marquez’ feet plenty. That must mean Pacquiao is ALSO a big fat cheater… or, more likely, nobody is.

In neither video do I see anyone appearing to aim at the other’s foot, because their eyes aren’t on the tootsie target; in both videos, I see the move actually hurting the foot stomper as much as it helps, because the stomper in question finds himself off balance. And even if it was on purpose, it didn’t have any impact on the overall fight whatsoever. None. It didn’t help Marquez win any rounds, and even Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach said it made no difference, and is fine by him.

Move on, diehard Pacquiao fans. Defend him if you must, but abandon this particular hair on fire line of attack. Say something about how it was a close fight (it was) but you still think your guy won (which he did, at least on the scorecards). That’s perfectly reasonable. Shelve the conspiracy theories. They are getting you nowhere other than laughed at, har har har.

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