Manny Pacquiao: The Universe’s Questions, Answered

(Manny Pacquiao knocks out Ricky Hatton, 2009.)

While typing something into Google about pound-for-pound boxing king and superstar Manny Pacquiao a while back — I was looking for an old fight of his, I do believe — autocomplete proposed something preposterous in the way that Google often does, based on the zany things people are typing into the Internet. After toying around with autocomplete and Manny’s name for a while, I realized a number of things: 1. people have some pretty hilarious questions about Pacquiao; 2. Collecting what people wonder about Pacquiao would reveal some non-hilarious truths about the public persona of Pacquiao; 3. I could answer everyone’s questions for them all in one spot; 4. A post on this could generate monstrous traffic for my website.

No. 4 is a pretty cheap reason to write something, obviously. But it is my hope that this post is the equivalent of the phrase “good politics is good government.” For instance, did you know there are aparently tons of people who think Pacquiao drinks his urine? And that virtually every conceivable auto-filled Pacquiao topic or question template presented on Google at some point devolves into whether he’s on steroids or not? Those are two things you might not know, if not for my hunger for raw Paquiao-based traffic.

So, Pacquiao neophytes and hardcore boxing fans: Behold the universe’s questions about Manny Pacquiao, answered.


Q: Who is Manny Pacquiao?

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Manny Pacquiao is the consensus best boxer alive, and has been for a number of years now. Some argue it’s Floyd Mayweather, but Mayweather’s inactivity has hurt his argument. He’s also one of boxing’s two biggest stars, alongside Mayweather. Pacquiao is also a bit of a renaissance man, some of which we’ll touch on in a minute. When he’s not boxing, he’s a congressman/actor/singer/scuba diver/product endorser etc.

Q: How old is Manny Pacquiao? (alt: How old is Pacquiao? When was Manny Pacquiao born?)

All answers, obviously, are “as of this writing.” Pacquiao is 32 years old; he was born on Dec. 17, 1978.

Q: What race is Manny Pacquiao?

He is a Filipino, aka a Pinoy. He is also the A #1 example of such today. There is no more beloved Filipino alive.

Q: Is Pacquiao Mexican?

No way, dude. For a while there his apocryphal nickname was “The Mexicutioner” because he was beating all the best Mexican fighters. Many Mexican fans have embraced Pacquiao because he fights in the kind of aggressive style they appreciate, but I wouldn’t go so far as even giving him “adopted Mexican” status.

Q: What is the home country of Manny Pacquiao? (alt: Where Manny Pacquiao is born? Where was Manny Pacquiao born? What is the home country of Pacquiao? Where Manny Pacquiao is from?)

He’s from the Philippines, obviously. He was born in Kibawe, Budikon.

Q: Where does Manny Pacquiao live? (alt: Where Manny Pacquiao lives? Where does Manny Pacquiao live in the Philippines?)

Pacquiao lives in a few places, but right now his official residence is in Kiambi, Sarangani. His official address is 312 Elm Street. Sorry, that last sentence was a lie. His hometown is General Santos City, South Catobato. For a while there were a lot of stories about Pacquiao having a swimming pool shaped like a boxing glove at his General Santos City mansion, which you can see below. He also once got the MTV Cribs treatment.

Q: Where is Manny Pacquiao now?

There really should be a “Manny Tracker” somewhere, like with NORAD’s Santa Tracker. There isn’t, so I don’t know the answer to this one. Lately he’s been on a press tour for Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez III, so depending on what day it is, he might be in Vegas or New York City or whatever. “In training” is also a good guess, either in the Philippines or Los Angeles.
Q: Is Manny Pacquiao in Congress? (alt: Why is Pacquiao a congressman?)

He sure is! He was elected to office in 2010. As for why: Pacquaio has always been extremely passionate about helping the poor in the Philippines; before he ran for Congress, he just gave away loads and loads of money as a way of addressing it.

Q: Who does Manny Pacquiao fight for?

People.” As in, “I fight to make people happy.” As in, the sentence that Pacquiao says more than any other sentence in interviews ever.

Diet And Dimensions!

Q: What does Manny Pacquiao eat?

PUNKS LIKE YOU FOR BREAKFAST! Or some of the things Chuck Norris eats, anyway. No, he eats food, like the rest of us. After his most recent pre-fight weigh-in, he ate a meal of “grilled beef, boiled chicken, rice, fruit and Filipino chicken broth soup.” The consensus reporting is that he’s big on Thai food and Filipino chicken soup. When he’s training, he reportedly has up to five protein shakes a day.

Q: Where does Pacquiao eat?

It’s like the answer to the question about where a gorilla sits: “Whereever he wants.” Alernately: “In his mouth.” But his favorite spot, according to many stories, is Nat’s Thai Food in Los Angeles.

Q: How many calories does Manny Pacquiao eat?

7,000 a day, during training.

Q: How does Manny Pacquiao eat 7000 calories?

It’s hard to fathom, isn’t it? I think I’d have to purge or something to get that many calories in my body. But it’s not unusual for athletes to consume absurd amounts of food when training. Michael Phelps reportedly does 12,000 a day. The key is, if you’re burning a lot of calories training like a madman the way Phelps and Pacquiao did, you need more fuel. THat’s why I’d have to purge, and they don’t.

Q: How does Manny Pacquiao gain weight?

Eating 7,000 calories a day does the trick. As a natural 140-pounder and workout machine, Pacquiao has to fight to get his body up above that.

Q: How does Manny Pacquiao eats?

I bets he eats real goods, real wells. And with his handses.

Q: Does Manny Pacquiao drink alcohol?

This is a subject that’s a tad murky. Once upon a time, Pacquiao was notorious for partying and gambling. But then he got married, and, according to a close confidant in 2008, “stopped drinking completely.” Since then, there have been rumors that he has returned to some of his old ways, and Top Rank Promotions stablemate Kelly Pavlik recently made a reference to Pacquiao’s drinking habits — but it’s not like those two are best pals or anything. Whatever the extent of Pacquiao’s own drinking habits, it hasn’t stopped him from endorsing alcohol products. In one of his recent ads, he pours some of the stuff for himself.

Q: Why does Manny Pacquiao drink his urine? (alt: Does Manny Pacquiao drink his own urine?)

What th’? This is a mix-up. Pacquiao doesn’t. However, old rival Juan Manuel Marquez does. Like so.

Q: What does Manny Pacquiao weigh? (alt: What is Manny Pacquiao weight? How much does Manny Pacquiao weigh? How much does Manny Pacquiao weight?)

He fights at welterweight, 147 lbs. What he weighs right now, I dunno. Some fighters gain a lot of weight between fights and have to shrink down a bunch to get to fighting weight. Pacquiao apparently does not. He rarely weighs the full 147 lbs. on fight night. Even when he fought Antonio Margarito at 154 lbs., he weighed less than 147; 144.5, to be exact. Pacquiao began his career at 106 lbs., but he was 16 at the time. Over time, he’s slowly moved up to this weight class, thought to be one higher than his ideal.

Q: How tall is Manny Pacquiao?

A very attractive 5’6 1/2″. I say that it’s attractive because I’m the same height.


Q: What is Manny Pacquiao boxing record?

53 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws. For all boxing record related questions, this is gonna be your best bet: BoxRec.

Q: Who was Manny Pacquiao first fight? (alt: When was Manny Pacquiao first fight?)

Professionally, it was against Edmund Enting Ignacio, who was 1-1-0 at the time. According to legend, Pacquiao put rocks in his pocket to get up to 106 lbs. for that fight. Pacquiao won a four-round unanimous decision.

Q: When was Manny Pacquiao’s last loss? (alt: When was the last time Manny Pacquiao lost?)

Pac’s got himself a good streak going. Pacquiao’s last loss was to Mexican legend Erik Morales, by unanimous decision, in 2005. That win prompted Pacquiao to begin overhauling his fighting style so he wasn’t so predictable with his quick straight lefts, and he began adding a more two-fisted, diverse attack. Notably, Pacquiao beat Morales in two rematches.

Q: Who beat Manny Pacquiao?

Erik Morales, Medgoen Singsurat, and Rustico Torrecampo, with Rustico the first to pull off the feat. Some argue that Juan Manuel Marquez deserved wins over him in one or even both of their two close, classic battles. The losses to Singsurat and Torrecampo have been blamed on Pacquiao having trouble making the weight limit of his division. Torrecampo recently reemerged and challenged Pacquiao to a rematch. That would be bad for his health.

Q: When was Manny Pacquiao last fight? (alt: Who won Mosley vs. Pacquiao? Pacquiao vs. Mosley how many rounds?)

Pacquiao defeated Mosley by 12-round unanimous decision on May 7, 2011. All his fights are scheduled for 12 rounds but sometimes he gets knockouts earlier than that. I don’t recommend watching the fight, by the way. Mosley ran around all scared and trying not to get knocked out.

Q: Where Manny Pacquiao fight? (alt: Where Pacquiao Cotto? Where Pacquiao Hatton? Where was the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight?)

Mostly he fights in Las Vegas these days, although he was fighting for a spell in Cowboy Stadium.

Q: How many belts does Pacquiao have? (alt: How many titles does Pacquiao have?)

Good question! The best answer is that he has obtained lineal championship belts — belts where he beat the man who beat the man who beat the man all the way back to the first days of the championship — in four different divisions: flyweight, featherweight, junior lightweight and junior welterweight. That’s better than anyone in history. And it’s really all that matters. However, because there are so many organizations handing out belts these days, he can say he won titles in eight different divisions. Some people think that matters, too. I think those people are wrong.

Q: Where does Manny Pacquiao rank all time?

Another good question! That’s still a subject of debate. But I asked some boxing historians this question for The Sweet Science back in 2009. Read the article for elaboration, but the answers were some where between “top 20” and “not even in the top 100.” Since that article, Pacquiao has beaten opponents that are unlikely to have improved his all-time standing much. So he’s probably still in that same range, from the historians. If you ask Pacquiao’s diehard fans, they’ll say he’s #1, but that is not the view of anyone who knows anything about boxing history.

Training And Steroids!

Q: Who is Manny Pacquiao trainer?

Freddie Roach, the four-time Trainer of the Year according to the Boxing Writers Association of America. Roach is mostly known for training Pacquiao; for battling Parkinson’s disease; and for training a whole host of others over his career, from Mickey Rourke to Oscar De La Hoya.

Q: Where does Manny Pacquiao train?

Of late, he bounces around the Philippines during his early training. But he always ends up at The Wild Card in Los Angeles, the hottest boxing gym in America these days. It’s the kind of place where Ron Artest or Mark Wahlberg or some other famous person might drop by on any given day, just to see Pacquiao train or, occasionally, get in some work for themselves.

Q: Who does Manny Pacquiao train with?

Pacquiao has a rotating cast of sparring partners. The best boxer he regularly spars with is Amir Khan, Ring Magazine’s #1 junior welterweight. Other sparring partners have included Urbano Antillon, Karim Mayfield, Mike Dallas, Jr., and Shawn Porter. Word is that Jorge Linares, a recent addition to Roach’s stable, will join Pacquiao for sparring for his next fight. Linares is a phenomenal talent who’s nonetheless still recovering from his first career loss.

Q: What is Manny Pacquiao training routine?

Boy, there is a lot of interest in Manny’s training routine, as you’ll see. People: You aren’t going to replicate Pacquiao’s training routine. There’s no chance.

Q: How much does Manny Pacquiao run? (alt: How much does Pacquiao run? How many miles does Manny Pacquiao run? How many miles does Pacquiao run?)

Ten miles a morning. And according to his team, he’d run even more, if they didn’t stop him. He’s a running fiend.

Q: How many sit ups does Manny Pacquiao?

According to his recent HP commercial, 2,000 every day. Yeah, like I said: You aren’t going to do what he does.

Q: How much does Pacquiao bench? (alt: Does Pacquiao lift weights? Does Manny Pacquiao lift weights?)

Pacquiao doesn’t work out with weights very much; most boxers don’t, but Roach wants him to keep his speed, specifically. There’s a story out there, the origin of which I cannot find, that Pacquiao can bench 315 pounds. That’s like bench pressing a full-grown average male jaguar, not that I’d recommend it. Take it with a grain of salt.


(Please, for the love of God, do not try to bench press the jaguar.)

Q: Does Manny Pacquiao take steroids? (alt: Does Pacquiao use steroids? Is Manny Pacquiao on steroids? Is Pacquiao on steroids?)

Ah, this.

There is no direct evidence, indirect evidence or even any credible allegation, that Pacquiao takes steroids or performance-enhancing drugs of any kind. Basically, some people have a hard time believing that Pacquiao could move up so frequently in weight classes and retain so much of his punching power. This whole meme really got life after Floyd Mayweather, Jr. abruptly demanded Olympic-style drug testing during negotiations for a Pacquiao fight. Pacquiao and his team wouldn’t agree to the exact terms Mayweather’s team sought, originally. When the fight fell apart over the issue, it became a huge topic of debate in the boxing community.

There are all kinds of reasons people cite when they suspect Pacquiao is on ‘roids. There are all kinds of counterarguments to this. Ultimately, only Pacquiao and his team would know IF he did, and if anyone knows, they aren’t talking. There is no more evidence — evidence is the key word — of Pacquiao using steroids than there is any other athlete today. That doesn’t mean he isn’t, same way it doesn’t mean anyone else isn’t.

Q: Why Manny Pacquiao is on steroids?

Well, IF he is — and there’s no evidence whatsoever, per the above answer — it would be to be all strong and veiny and heal faster and shrink his testicles and all the other reasons people take ‘roids.

Q: Should Pacquiao be tested for steroids?

He is, in part. He is subjected to urine tests, like all boxers. Nobody thinks that captures anywhere near the whole universe of performance-enhancing drugs, though. Should he be tested more than he is? The consensus in the boxing community is that it would be great if there was stricter drug testing, particularly blood tests, for all boxers, not just Pacquiao. Despite some increased interest in Olympic-style testing after the Mayweather-Pacquiao dispute, the likelihood of that happening on a wide scale is not so great, by my reading of the tea leaves.

Q: Why Pacquiao won’t take blood test?

Pacquiao always agreed to blood tests for a Mayweather fight. It’s just that he wanted a cut-off of 14 days before the fight. The reasons he cited were pretty lame: he was scared of needles, he was superstitious, etc. Subsequently, the excuses have become less relevant as Pacquiao and his team have dropped every condition and agreed to blood testing.

Q: Why is Pacquiao blood testing?

Does not compute — he isn’t.


Q: Who is Manny Pacquiao fighting next? (alt: Who is Manny Pacquiao fighting next in 2011? What’s next for Manny Pacquiao? What’s next for Pacquiao?)

A giant crab, in a rematch of the titanic battle from the film “Wapakman!” No, really — he’s fighting Juan Manuel Marquez.

Q: When does Manny Pacquiao fight next? (alt: When does Manny Pacquiao fight next? When is Manny Pacquiao’s next fight? When will Manny Pacquiao fight again? When will Manny Pacquiao next fight?)

Nov. 12.

Q: Why is Pacquiao fighting Marquez again?

Ugh, I wish he wasn’t. The storyline is that there’s some unfinished business between the two and that Marquez “has Pacquiao’s number” with his counter-punching style. Of course, a while back, Pacquiao and his team insisted there was no unfinished business; they’d defeated Marquez in a rematch of their original draw. The real reason, I suspect is that Marquez was newly available after leaving Golden Boy Promotions during a time when Pacquiao’s promoter Top Rank refused to do business with Golden Boy. And I think Pacquiao’s team knows that the much and much smaller Marquez — Pacquiao has beaten top fighters at welterweight, Marquez is the lightweight champion who looked like crap in his one welterweight fight — is easy pickings in a fight that they can “sell” to the public. Marquez himself has always wanted a third fight with Pacquiao, so that helped, too. He should be careful what he wishes for. As of right now, he’s an 8-1 underdog.

Q: Where does Manny Pacquao fight next?

This is the most mediocre line of questioning out there about Pacquiao. Sorry to the people who asked it. He fights next in Vegas, like he does most of the time. What difference does it make? Are you only going to go if it’s in, like, Tuscaloosa?

Q: When does Manny Pacquiao fight with?

When DOESN’T Manny Pacquiao fight with?

Q: When is Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao? (alt: When is Floyd Mayweather fighting Manny Pacquiao? When will Manny Pacquiao fight Mayweather? When will Manny Pacquiao fight Floyd Mayweather? When will Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather happen? Would Pacquiao Mayweather? What did Pacquiao not fighting Mayweather?)

Sigh. It isn’t happening, and at this rate, might never. Negotiations fell apart in late 2009. Then they fell apart again midway through 2010. Both men say they want the fight. My guess is it probably won’t happen until Mayweather is convinced that Pacquiao is over the hill.

Q: Why won’t Mayweather fight Pacquiao? (alt: Why is Mayweather afraid of Pacquiao?)

My own view is that Mayweather is more to blame among the two parties for why the fight isn’t happening. It’s not that I think he’s afraid of Pacquiao, per se. But he is insecure about keeping his undefeated record, and tends to avoid opponents who most threaten that record. He says it’s because Pacquiao won’t “take the test,” but every time Pacquiao agrees to Mayweather’s latest terms for performance-enhancing drug testing, Mayweather makes a new demand and blames Pacquiao for not accepting.

Q: Why Floyd Mayweather will beat Manny Pacquiao? (alt: Why Mayweather will beat Pacquiao?)

If Floyd were to beat Manny, it would for all the same reasons he beats everyone: He’s lightning quick, a defensive genius and a strategic master with underrated power, accurate punching and underrated heart. Pacquiao has never fought anyone remotely like Floyd — not that anyone else has prior to fighting Floyd, too, but the number of “slick boxers” on Pacquiao’s resume is minute to non-existent. It’s commonly thought that because of Pacquiao’s all-out aggression that a slick boxer would be the worst match-up for him, and Floyd is nearly the ultimate slick boxer in the sport today.

Q: Who can beat Manny Pacquiao? (alt: Who can beat Pacquiao? How to beat Pacquiao?)

At 147 or below, only Floyd, and that’s not a given. At any weight above that number, it’s unclear. Pacquiao’s stay at 154 lbs. was brief because it was clear that he was well over his ideal weight. That’s all assuming that Pacquiao doesn’t “age overnight” anytime soon, something that can happen to 30-something boxers who suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves greatly diminished in the ring. As for how to beat Pacquiao: Be an elite boxer over welterweight, or, maybe, be an ultra-slick boxer.

Q: How would Pacquiao beat Mayweather? (alt: Who would win Pacquiao or Mayweather? Would Pacquiao beat Mayweather?)

Pacquiao is nearly as fast if not faster than Mayweather; he’s a southpaw, and Mayweather has had trouble with lefties in the past; and his swarming combinations would stand a better chance than most of piercing Mayweather’s defense. Additionally, Mayweather is older than Pacquiao and could conceivably “age overnight” against Pacquiao himself. As for who I think would win? Right now, I’d pick Floyd. But my opinion changes back and forth depending on each man’s most recent performances, and who looked sharper.

Q: What did Pacquiao say about Mayweather?

Pacquiao doesn’t say very much about Mayweather, even though he’s asked about a fight with him all the time. His mantra: He’ll fight him if Mayweather wants to because the people want the fight. Even when Mayweather offered racist and homophobic remarks in Pacquiao’s direction, Pacquiao hardly said a word in response, other than that it was an “uneducated message.” One of the last things Pacquiao said about Mayweather is that he thinks the best chance of the fight happening is if Mayweather thinks he looks old and vulnerable.

Q: Where can I watch Manny Pacquiao fight for free?

Well don’t you have a sense of entitlement. In the United States, Pacquiao only fights on pay-per-view these days, and before that, only on pay cable. If you want to see old Pacquiao fights for free, there are tons of clips on YouTube. Sometimes HBO re-airs old Pacquiao fights, too. But if you want to see Pacquiao fight live without paying, you’re going to have to hit the underground. Even then, it’s not easy to find free streams, and HBO is pretty good about shutting down streams all over the Internet during PPV events. So you’ll have to hop around from stream to stream. If I were you, I’d just pay or else wait for things to get legal in HBO replays or on YouTube. As for finding streams to begin with: I wouldn’t trust any site that popped up in a Google search when you ask this question.

Q: Should Manny Pacquiao fight Edwin Valero?

Absolutely not. Edwin Valero is dead. It would be a one-sided fight. Of course, this question is probably just a leftover from when it was one of the hotter questions in the sport, during a time when Valero was still alive.

Q: Should Pacquiao fight Mosley?

I didn’t think it was a good idea beforehand, since Mosley was so over the hill. I was vindicated by the result when they fought in May. I don’t think they should fight again, either.

Q: Should Manny Pacquiao retire? (alt: Should Pacquiao retire? Should Pacquiao fight next?)

Someday, sure. But now? He’s still the best in the world. He’s still a huge star. He reportedly needs the money. I know his mom would prefer that he retire. But she’s virtually alone, except for some other strays who worry about the long-term health effects of his boxing career and whether he should turn his full attention to his political career.

Q: What will Manny Pacquiao win?

If he carefully maneuvers the toy crane, he will win a stuffed animal prize!

Q: When does Manny Pacquiao fight time? (alt: When does Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito start? When does Manny Pacquiao fight Shane Mosley? When is Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley?)

This question comes up in every comments section and every live blog on the day of Pacquiao’s fights, much to the dismay of other participants of such forums. It’s an unanswerable question. There is no exact time Pacquiao fights each fight night. The pay-per-view card usually will start around 9 p.m. ET. There will be several fights; some will go 10 or 12 rounds and some will end early. You should probably make sure you tune in to the PPV card at no later than 11 p.m., just to be safe. But don’t be surprised if you wait a good deal longer.

Q: How long does Pacquiao?

He doesn’t. This is a misconcepcion.

Q: Would Pacquiao?

Yes or no. It just depends. I’d say, no, usually. Just because of the mathematical possibilities of the universe of things someone maybe “would” do.


Q: Who is Manny Pacquiao manager?

Pacquiao used to have Shelly Finkel as his manager, but Finkel got out of the boxing-managing game, mainly. Now Pacquiao is managed by committee. His trainer Freddie Roach has some management-like duties; his promoter Bob Arum has some management-like duties; he has a “business manager” named Eric Pineda; and Michael Koncz has some management-like duties.

Q: What is Manny Pacquiao net worth? (alt: How rich is Manny Pacquiao? How much does Pacquiao make? How much does Manny Pacquiao make? How much does Pacquiao make per fight? How much does Manny Pacquiao make per fight?)

This was recently disclosed in congressional documents, Pacquiao’s net worth, as $26 million. There was an immediate dispute about whether that figure was accurate. It was especially eye-popping considering Pacquiao made $20 million for his last fight with Mosley alone. Roach recently said Pacquiao is basically broke, since he gives away so much money, although one account blamed it on Pacquiao’s gambling habit.

Q: What does Manny Pacquiao signature look like?

Like this.

Q: Why does Teddy Atlas hate Manny Pacquiao?

I’ve always wondered this, too. Atlas is the ESPN2 boxing commentator and Alexander Povetkin trainer who urinates on Pacquiao every chance he gets. He thinks he’s terrible and picks him to lose nearly every fight he’s in, then when Pacquiao wins, he explains why Pacquiao is still not good. My theory is that he’s got some kind of jealousy toward trainer Freddie Roach, but it’s really just a guess, no better or worse than anyone else’s.

Q: Why was Pacquiao’s celebration scripted by HBO?

This question baffled me. I strongly doubt they did. But a BoxingScene forum discussed it here.

Q: Where was Rick Ross Manny Pacquiao?

This one baffled me most of all. It sounds like a question FOR Paquiao. “Where was Rick Ross, Manny Pacquiao?” as if Pacquiao had a NORAD-like “Rick Ross Tracker.” Then I remembered that rapper Rick Ross was at one point supposed to walk out with Pacquiao for his fight with Mosley, what with Rick Ross and the Floyd Mayweather/50 Cent duo having a feud and all. Turns out it didn’t happen because there was an unspecified “issue with the promoter.” Instead, the singer from Survivor walked out with Pacquiao, and while it had the potential to be a cliched, outdated move, the Survivor dude did all right.

Q: Is Manny Pacquiao left handed? (alt: Is Pacquiao left handed?)

Indeed he is. Bert Sugar says he’s the best southpaw boxer ever. I agree.

Q: Does Manny Pacquiao sing? (alt: When we touch Manny Pacquiao?)

Yes. It became a phenomenon in the United States when Pacquiao began having karaoke parties after winning a fight. At first, it was an unfortunate. Then, it became comedy. After a while, it became tolerable, and before long, Pacquiao singing “Sometimes When We Touch” was an actual hit song. Go figure.

Q: Was Pacquiao vs. Clottey fixed?

Everybody always thinks boxing matches are fixed, even though there’s been no evidence of fixed fights featuring any boxers of note to emerge in more than a decade. I guess Joshua Clottey’s poor effort against Pacquiao was as much cause for suspicion as anything else, but Pacquiao’s faced fighters who are much better than Clottey and he demolished them just the same. It’s hard to think of any reason why Pacquiao would need a fixed fight against Clottey. Nonetheless, there are some videos that attempt to document this fight fixing. Here’s one.

Q: What is the name of Pacman ghosts?

Pinky, Blinky, Inky, Clyde. This isn’t so much about Manny Pacquiao. I just missed a trivia question on it recently at a bar contest and I wanted you to have it in case you find yourself in the same position.

Q: What did Pacquiao say to Margarito?

This sounds like the start of a joke. “The hamster is also a ventriliquist!” But in actuality, during his fight with Antonio Margarito in the 11th round, according to a controversial website affiliated with Pacquiao, he told Margarito during a clinch: “Just stop, quit, you can’t win.” Margarito’s alleged answer was pretty cool: “Never — I am a Mexican!” 

Q: Why Manny Pacquiao is the best?

Lotsa reasons. He’s very fast, very powerful, has inhuman stamina and has diversified his boxing arsenal immeasurably. Also, because of his moustache.

Q: Pacquiao dog names?

He named his dog “Pacman.” Pacman is his own nickname. Who names his dog after himself? Manny Pacquiao, that’s who.

Alphabet Lightning Round!

For this I typed in “Pacquiao” followed by a letter. Below are the best results, with bonus mentions of everything steroid-related.

A: Pacquiao advertisement. Here’s another one, a beer commercial featuring old rival Erik Morales. Bonus: Pacquiao agrees to blood test. Pacquiao agrees to Olympic testing.

B: Pacquiao brand. Yes, he has one.

C: Pacquiao cell phone. Naturally he should have his own brand of cell phone. Instead, he’s just affiliated with HP’s.

D: Pacquiao diet. Already covered above.

E: Paquiao ESPY. He’s won some.

F: Pacquiao fight. Yeah, Pacquiao! Fight!

G: Pacquiao Glee. There was talk of him appearing on the show, but it hasn’t happened.

H: Pacquaio hand speed. It’s INSANE!

I: Pacquiao in the news. This should do the trick. Bonus: Pacquiao is on steroids.

J: Pacquiao jokes. If only these were in English.

K: Pacquiao Khan. They’ve had some good sparring sessions, those two.

L: Pacquiao lawsuit. He’s suing Mayweather for defamation over his steroid allegations.

M: Pacquiao Mickey Mouse shirt. These actually exist.
N: Pacquiao Nike. He’s been a part of some pretty cool Nike campaigns.

O: Pacquiao or Mayweather. Me? I say Pacquiao, if we’re talking about who I like better. Bonus: Pacquiao on steroids.

P: Pacquiao perfume. Yup, he has one of those, too. Bonus: Pacquiao ped. Pacquiao performance enhancing drugs. Pacquiao ped steroids.

Q: Pacquiao quantum pendant. Maybe it’s not steroids giving Pacquiao his special powers. Ever consider that?

R: Pacquiao richest athlete. He’s one of them, every year these days, by annual earnings. Bonus: Pacquiao roids.

S: Pacquiao singing. By popular demand, here’s some more of that. With Will Ferrell, even. Bonus: Pacquiao steroids.

T: Pacquiao Tosh. I still wish he’d hit him harder, and with his left hand. Bonus: Pacquiao tested positive.

U: Pacquiao UFC. His next fight will happen the same night the UFC debuts on Fox, is why this came up. Bonus: Pacquiao used steroids. Pacquiao USADA.

V: Pacquiao vs. There were too many of these — Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, Pacquiao vs. Mosley, you name it. Most of them wanted video. So here are highlights of one of the best — his second fight with Marquez.

W: Pacquiao wrist size. The things you people want to know! Fine. Here’s a big long discussion of it.

X: Pacquiao Xbox. He’s adorable in Fight Night Champion.

Y: Pacquiao yellow gloves. For fighting poverty, you see. Because poverty is the Green Lantern.

Z: Pacquiao zero crime. According to many stories, his fights prompt so many people in the Philippines to watch that crime drops to zero.

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