Open Thread, Five Questions Edition

Questions, questions, questions! The modern mind can come up with three questions. At least, that’s what they say in the world’s first educational film, per Mr. Show. Today’s mind can come up with FIVE questions. You can answer these questions or not. It’s Open Thread. It’s FUBU, only if you were the person saying “FUBU” instead of me:

  1. What are you doing this Labor Day weekend?
  2. Since it’s coming up on Labor Day, who’s the hardest working person in the sport of boxing, do you think? Inside the ring or out.
  3. What has been your reaction to Golden Boy Promotions’ posing-in-underwear week, what with Victor Ortiz’ new modeling gig and Oscar De La Hoya’s confirmed past fishnets modeling gig, an honor for which he reportedly paid $20 million? I don’t mean for question #2 to be related to question #3, but if you want to say something about Oscar being the answer to #2 because “girl, work the camera, work it,” that’s fine.
  4. After beating junior bantamweight Hugo Cazares this week in another of 2011’s upsets, Tomonobu Shimizu gave what our Alex McClintock rightly called during a gchat session the quote of the week, “I’m not talented, but I am the world champion now.” Who’s the least talented person in boxing (outside of Shimizu) who still keeps being successful?
  5. Who’s the least talented person in the world who keeps being successful?

That should be more than enough to get you started.

This month’s song selection should be more than enough to make you feel aroused, but in a spooky, spooky manner.

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