Open Thread, Start A Conspiracy Theory Edition

Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory, especially boxing fans. The fix is always in, somebody’s always faking something, there’s an “illuminati” that runs boxing. And hey, in this sport, there’s at least a pretty good chance the conspiracy theories are true! So let’s have them out. What conspiracy theory have you got on your mind? You don’t even have to believe it if you don’t want to. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be boxing related.

If you guys hit me with some good ones, I’ll do my best to irresponsibly advance them.

Then, as usual, because this is an Open Thread, I encourage you to hit me and your commenting pals with any thoughts, questions or topics you see fit.

Your music selection for the month is a live performance from Sleigh Bells. All that fuzz is supposed to be there — it’s not a bad performance or recording. But unlike the YouTube upload of the the studio version, this one has the bonus attraction of you getting to watch Alexis Krauss thrash around in an unbelievably sexy way:

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